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Blast at Mexico Oil Company Pemex Headquarters kills 25

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Pemex blast kills 25 in Mexico CityMEXICO CITY – A blast at Mexican oil company Pemex ’s headquarters on Thursday has killed 25 people and injured 101 in Mexico City. The 51-story Pemex tower suffered a basement tower explosion but the causes remain unknown.

Mexican president Pena Nieto said there were still no “conclusive report on the reason” of the blast but vowed to get to the “bottom of the investigation to find out, first what happened work, and if there are people responsible in this case.”

Theories over the fire range from an electrical fire to an air conditioning problem to a possible attack.

Petroleos Mexicanos said the victims are 17 women and eight men. At least 10,000 people work in the state-owned five-building complex but it is still uncertain if any are still trapped under the rubble. At present, 46 people have been hospitalized.

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