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Samira Ibrahim

Egypt: ‘virginity test’ doctor cleared of charges

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CAIRO – An Egyptian army doctor has been acquitted of accusations of public oscenity on women protestesters. The doctor, Ahmed Ahdel, was cleared of ‘verginity test’ accusations because the judge, reports the BBC, found contradictions in witness statements.

Last year, Samira Ibrahim filed a lawsuit against doctor Ahmed because she argued she was forced to take a ‘verginity test’ while in detention.

Ibrahim was detained following a mass protest and is one of seven women who said they were forced to take the ‘humiliating’ test. She told prosecutors women were forced to take the test while spending the nights in military jails.

The five-minute long practice was allegedly carried out by the male doctor following a protest in Tahrir Square in March 2011.

A civilian court ruling affirmed that the tests were taking place but the military court’s ruling dropped all charges against Dr Ahmed Ahdel.

He was acquitted on Sunday. The ruling was made, said the judge, “from what has been proven in documents and based on my conscience.”  The military has been in power since longtime leader Hosni Mubarak stepped down last year.


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