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3-year-old killed by a pink gun he mistook for a toy

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3-year-old killed by pink gun shotA 3-year-old in Greenville, South Carolina, killed himself with a shot to the head while playing with a pink gun he thought was a toy. As Gawker reports, Temorej Smith was playing with the weapon with his 7-year-old sister Temorej Smith in his parents’ bedroom when it suddenly discharged hitting the 3-year-old boy in the head.

The boy’s parents weren’t at home but his grandparents were reportedly in the house. They were sitting in the living room when they heard the sound of a gunshot. Police officers were called to the scene and “ruled the boy’s death an accident.” Police spokesman Johnathan Bragg told News 4: “If you have guns, if you own guns mostly we would prefer you have them in a lock box. At least have them out of the reach of children.”

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