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WATCH Tangled Dolphin Asks Divers For Help and Gets Rescued

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Tangled dolphin asks divers for help and gets rescuedA group of divers in the waters off Kona, Hawaii, spent eight minutes untangling a fishing hook from the pectoral fin of a bottlenose dolphin. The animal was drawn to a lighted area where experienced diver Keller Laros was filming manta rays. 

The dolphin turned on its injured side and trusted Laros that he would finda a way to free him. Laros told Khon 2: “There was a line coming out of his mouth, But, the line wrapped around his pectoral fin was so tight…I was worried if tudded on it, it might hurt him more. I was able to cut the fishing line and unwrap it.

The whole rescue operation lasted eight minutes.   

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