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WATCH Santa Claus getting his beard stuck in the rope he was abselling down

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LONDON – Steve Chessell, dressed up as Santa Claus, got his beard stuck in the rope he was abselling down. It happened in Reading shopping centre in the UK.

The man spent 40 minutes suspended at 15 ft before being rescued by a colleague Marc Hilton. This is what the shopping centre’s announcer said: ‘Say “hello Santa!”. Ho, ho, ho hello Santa. He always likes to make an entrance. He’s used to coming down chimneys, but we’ve never seen this before. Oh no he hasn’t got the rope stuck in his beard? Father Christmas are you going to stay up there? That’s the best view of the lights.
‘I think Santa wants to stay up there where he can see everybody, who’s been a good boy or a good girl… So Father Christmas won’t be helping us switch on the lights.’

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