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VIDEO: Krokodil: the drug that’s turning Russian addicts’ skin green

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Krokodil drugIt’s the new drug that’s turning the skin of a generation green. It’s called Krokodil and it’s a cheap drug Russian teens are using to replace heroin. The drug is taking a terrible toll on the lives of young Russian mainly because the pills used to make the drug – codeine – can be purchased without a prescription and it is relatively cheap compared to heroin.

Codeine is turned into desomorphine, krokodil’s main chemical and a medicine far more potent than morphine, with as little as $6 dollars through a three step synthesis process.

Krokodil addicts cook desomorphine with gasoline, iodine and hydrochloric acid which gives the drug an orange-like color that is also a sign of the drug’s impurity, writes io9. The drug gives a 90 minute high to its addicts once it’s injected intravenously and lacerates its users’ skin down to the bone.

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