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Prankster fakes Piss on a Ferrari, Owner is More Pissed Than Him (Video)

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Prankster pisses on Man's Ferrari

Prankster pisses on Man’s Ferrari

Roman Atwood is a pranksters who always tries to push his luck with daring pee pranks that have caught the attention of millions of fans on YouTube.

Many have fallen for the prank before and so has the healthy owner of a Ferrari who parked his luxury car in a handicapped-parking spot.  

It seems that Atwood has gotten so good at pretending to urinate in public with a water bottle that the Ferrari’s owner freaked out in a way the online prankster wasn’t expecting.

Atwood faked a piss on the car, the car owner was definitely pissed off. “It’s a f***ing Ferrari!” the man said. “I can buy your whole family mother f***er!

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