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NYPD Patrol rams into Dirt Bike killing Operator (Video)

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Alberto Gonzalez gets hit by NYPD Patrol

Alberto Gonzalez gets hit by NYPD Patrol

A video shows the moment a bike driver dies after getting hit by a police cruiser in the Bronx.

The footage filmed August 11, 2012 shows Eddie Fernandez and his friend Adalberto Gonzalez getting hit by a NYPD patrol while on a dirt bike. Fernandez, 28, died in the accident.

27-year-old Gonzalez, who suffered several injuries in the chase, has filed a lawsuit against the city claiming the police patrol purposely rammed into the dirt bike.

The trial begins on Monday.

Peter Ronai, the boy’s attorney, was quoted as saying: “Psychologically, he’s ruined. Watching his best friend die was not easy…Their only crime was riding a dirt bike. They paid with their lives.”




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