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Michael Moore

Michael Moore: “White People own 90% of America’s Guns” (Video)

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Filmmaker Michael Moore claims 90% of America’s gun owners are white people living in rural areas. In an interview on MSNBC’s ‘The Ed Show’, Moore said African-Americans and hispanics are the minority of America’s gun-owners. He also says that the lack of jobs as well as  poverty and racism are to blame for most of issues in the American society.

Moore said:

Now are these white people so afraid of out in the suburbs? Are they thinking little red head, freckle-faced Jimmy down the street is going to, you know, kill them? Mug them? I don’t think so. Are they afraid the guy next door is gonna break in and steal their t.v.? No, because they know the guy next door makes $50-60,000 a year. So poverty and racism the answer is pretty much the same answer for a lot of our other problems. Jobs.

In the interview, Moore also points out that countries like Canada, France and Great Britain have a social safety net which the United States lacks. Thanks to the net, those countries train unemployed people and provide them jobs.

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