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LA car chase ends in tragedy: officers kill man in brand new Corvette (Video)

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LOS ANGELES – A televised car chase on the streets of Los Angeles ended with three police officers fatally shooting a mentally ill man. Gawker reports that the chase began in downtown Los Angeles on Friday night. Brian Newt Beaird and his Corvette led “20 cops” on a high-speed chase across the city after refusing to stop for a routine check.

Apparently, the police wanted to stop by the side of the rode for drunk and reckless driving. Brian, 51 years age with “voices in his head” due to schizophrenia, refused to pull over. He led police on a chase that ended when he crashed into another occupied vehicle at an intersection. The people inside the vehicle were hurt but their injuries aren’t life threatening.

The chase was followed from above by KLTA cameras placed on a helicopter. After the man stumbles out of his damaged vehicle, three armed officers discharge between 15 to 20 rounds that kill the Mr. Beaird. (Around 21:10 in the video above.) Police Chief Charlie Beck said an officer discharged a beanbag round.

Before an officer discharges a beanbag, the protocol is to loudly state, ‘bean bag ready! Bean bag ready!’ so that everybody knows that the next detonation that they hear is not a gunshot,” Beck said on Monday.

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