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Egypt Protests: Millions take part in march to demand Morsi ouster

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CAIRO, Egypt - Demonstrators on Sunday staged the biggest protest in the country’s history to force Islamist President Mohamed Morsi to resign. Millions of people across the country chanted “Leave!” in the biggest protest staged in the country since the 2011 revolt.

A military source said: “It is the biggest protest in Egypt’s history!”

Violence erupted across the streets at night after a rather peaceful day of protests. A protester died in the province of Assiut. He was killed by gunfire shot by gunmen on a motorbike. Another person died in the province of Beni Sueif, south of Cairo when protesters and supporters of Morsi clashed.

As the AFP reports, both incidents took place outside the offices of the Freedom and Justice Party. The party is the political arm Morsi’s “Muslim Brotherhood.”

Tahrir Square in Cairo was once again the center of the nation wide protests. People in the square waved Egyptian flags as a form of protest against Morsi’s first year as president of the North African country. “The people want the ouster of the regime,” said a protester.



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