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Balkan Men and Women used their Reproductive Organs as Good Omens (Video)

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Balkan Erotic

Balkan Erotic

The woman in the video explaining the sexual pratices of people in the Balkan region is Marina Abramovic, a Serbian performance artist based in New York. In the video, the artist, who was born in Belgrade in 1946, explains some of the most common sexual practices people in the Balkan region used to do.

The artist explains that, in the Balkan region, both male and female reproductive organs have been viewed, and to a certain extent still today, as key to fighting sicknesses, enemies and natural disasters. Women, for instance, would rub their children’s faces with their hands after sticking them up their vaginas. By doing so, they thought their children would stay away from trouble after they left their house.

Balkan Men too would do ‘peculiar’ practices. For instance, they would masturbate into the ground to fertilize it. Also, they would punch three holes in a bridge and penetrate each one of them on wedding day while uttering these words: “In the same way I penetrate this bridge, the same way I will penetrate my wife.” Balkan men believed this practice would save them from impotency.

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