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Train derailment in North Dakota

North Dakota train derailment triggers “100 foot” high blast (Video)

CASSELTON – A train derailment caused a huge blast with “100 foot flames” in Casselton, North Dakota, on December 30, 2013. The incident that generated the massive fire occurred between two trains close to an ethanol plant. The first train derailed and was hit shortly after by an oncoming train. One of the trains had “111 cars [...]

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Fake sign language interpreter struck by schizophrenic attack at Nelson Mandela memorial

Nelson Mandela memorial: Fake interpreter saw angels after ‘schizophrenic attack’

PRETORIA (SOUTH AFRICA) – ‘Phoney’ sign language interpreter Thamsanqa Jantjie claims he suffered a schizophrenic attack that let him see angels at the Nelson Mandela memorial. Metro reports that Thamsanqa, 34, began gesticulating in a way many deemed ‘ridiculous’ on Wednesday. He told reporters he suffered a schizophrenic attack that made him lose concentration and see [...]

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‘Pitchfork’ protests spread in Italy: Riot police remove helmets in solidarity (Video)

ROME – Thousands of protesters belonging to a movement called “Pitchfork” have taken to the streets in Italy to demand structural reforms. The so-called “Pitchfork” movement began its protest on Monday and since then it has caused disruption to public transport across the country. The movement has sprung up on the heels of a stagnant [...]

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DiGiorno Pizza cheese supplier kicking and stabbing cows

WATCH: DiGiorno Pizza cheese supplier kicking and stabbing cows

NEW YORK – A video published by activist group Mercy for Animals reveals the appalling way cows are treated by dairy suppliers for Nestlé’s DiGiorno Pizza. The undercover footage was taken inside the Wiese Brothers Farm of Greenleaf, Wisconsin. The video shows appalling mistreatments on the cows by employees. On the farm, there are around [...]

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