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Silk Road lets you buy class A drugs and have them delivered to your house

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LONDON – Silk Road is a website that allows people to buy class A drugs and have them delivered to their houses. The website works like eBay or Amazon, you can leave feedback to users and it’s safer than buying drugs on the street corners.

People from the UK can purchase drugs with a simple click and have them delivered in disguised parcels to their houses. The website offers: cannabis, cocaine, heroine and ecstasy.

People can access the website using a software called Tor which keeps the users anonymous, there is also an “onion” system that keeps the IP address hidden from the police. The estimate of annual sales for the website accounts for £14million.

A clubber from the UK said: ‘There’s a group of us in Brighton who always order stuff online, it’s safer than going out to some dodgy car park somewhere. It’s just so much easier and I know the quality of the stuff I order isn’t going to be compromised. If I am ordering one or two things in a package like this then it won’t get picked up by the postal guys. I reckon if I started ordering loads of stuff though in massive quantities it would probably mean trouble.’

Drugs are purchased using a digital currency called “Bitcoins”.


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