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VIDEO: Lydia Bright talks about her breakup with Tom Kilbey “We weren’t compatible”

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Lydia Bright talks about her break-up with Tom Kilbey and says that they were not compatible Lydia Bright decided to take it to YouTube to explain the reasons of their break-up to avoid speculation by the press. Lydia Bright said that mainly they were not compatible, but she still cares about Tom. Check out the [...]

Commander Chris Hadfield’s take on David Bowie’s Space Oddity in the space (VIDEO)

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Canadian Space Agency astronaut Chris Hadfield made his own version of the famous David Bowie’s song Space Oddity straight from the space. The famous astronaut made other videos in the past answering the FAQs on how is it like to be on space. He answered a different range of topics going from whether or not [...]

Hunter runs into bear, what will happen? (NSFW-VIDEO)

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A hunter runs into a bear while camping. What will happen? Will he shoot it or not? Check out the video below and find it out:  

Dog cannot help farting (VIDEO)

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The dog in the video really struggles not to fart and he cannot help farting In the video the dog has a very serious face and all he does is farting. Check the video out below and try not to laugh!

Evian’s advert featuring break-dancing tots becomes the most watched YouTube VIDEO ad

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The new Evian’s advert feauting break-dancing tots became the most watched video advert ever on YouTube. In the Evian advert adults look into mirror and see themselves as babies, then they start to dance with them as babies. The video reached over 29 million views in just 5 days. The adults and babies perform at [...]

Mysterious whirlpool swallows whatever is on its way (VIDEO)

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A mysterious water swirl swallows whatever gets dragged on its way. This video shows a sinkhole that swallows whatever comes on its way. A Youtube user gave an explanation of the phenomenon, IPKII said: “Its a sinkhole, most likely goes to an underground cave. It’ll keep draining until the holes gets plugged, the water runs [...]

Funny cat gets trolled by Super Mario jumping (VIDEO)

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A funny cat gets scared everytime Super Mario jumps. Watch the cat’s reaction in the video below. It is impossible not to laugh:

Camel and girl racing: who’s the winner? (VIDEO)

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LOS ANGELES, UNITED STATES – A camel and girl challenged themselves in a race. Who will win? Check out the video below:

How to use your Dick: an operative guide for dick owners (VIDEO)

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NEW YORK – How to use your Dick claims to be an operative guide for dick owners. The book claims to teach you how to use your penis to masturbate and pee and many more things. This is a very informative book because, as it claims: “Your body came with a dick, but your dick [...]

Why you should never give a lightsaber to a toddler (VIDEO)

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NEW YORK, UNITED STATES – This video will show you why you should never give a lightsaber to a toddler. Taking a lightsaber off toddler’s hands is harder than you might think!. Check this video out:

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