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Italy: Mario Monti’s early resignation upsets foreign lenders

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Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti’s decision to resign after approving the country’s budget for 2013 raised the yield on Italy’s ten year bonds by more than a quarter of a percentage point in trading on Monday. The yield closed at 4.80%. Mr. Monti took over from former premier Silvio Berlusconi in November 2011 and has since managed [...]

Spain yield lower after Greek election

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MADRID (AP) – Spanish markets breathed a sigh of relief Monday with stocks opening higher and the country’s borrowing costs dipping slightly after pro-bailout parties won the elections in Greece. The Ibex-35 stock index opened about 1.5 percent higher while the interest rate Spanish 10-year bonds, a benchmark of market confidence in a country’s ability [...]

Spain benchmark rate down but still high

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MADRID – Spain’s closely watched borrowing rate dropped slightly but remains dangerously close to the level that forced Greece, Ireland and Portugal to ask for bailouts of their public finances. The interest rate, or yield, on the country’s benchmark 10-year bonds slipped Friday morning to 6.84 percent, still close to the 7 percent level considered [...]

Italian yields on 3-year bonds skyrocket

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MILAN, Italy – Italy’s borrowing costs on its three-year bonds skyrocketed to their highest level since December, as concerns about Spain and the state of Europe’s economy continued to pummel Italy’s finances. In a bond auction Thursday, Italy paid 5.3 percent interest rates, up from 3.91 percent last month, to sell 3 billion euro ($3.76 [...]

Yield on Italian bonds close to 6% mark

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MILAN – Italy was forced to pay higher interest rates to entice investors to buy a little under 5 billion euros worth of its 5- and 10-year bonds. Investors demanded yields of 5.84 percent for the 10 year-bonds, up from 5.24 percent last month. On the 5-year bonds, Italy paid 4.86 percent, up from 4.18 [...]

French yield edges up in bond auction

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PARIS – France saw its borrowing costs edge up in bond auctions that sold 10.5 billion euros ($13.8 billion) in medium-term debt. The yield, or interest rate, on a five-year bond rose to 1.83 percent from 1.78 percent when it was last issued. No comparisons were available for the other bonds issued Thursday. The amount [...]

Investors show healthy appetite for Spanish bonds

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MADRID – Investors showed a healthy appetite for Spanish debt but demanded a higher premium in an auction that was a key test of confidence in the government’s ability to get a handle on its debts as its economy enters a recession. The Treasury auctioned 2.54 billion euros ($3.33 billion) in 10-year bonds and notes [...]

Euro fears spark new jump of Italian borrowing cost

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ROME – Italy’s borrowing costs more than doubled in a pair of bond auctions Wednesday due to renewed market uncertainty about debt and growth prospects among the 17-nation eurozone’s weakest members. Italy easily sold 8 billion euros ($10.5 billion) in 12-month bonds on Wednesday, but the interest rate investors demanded rose to 2.84 percent from [...]

Spanish woes cause panic in Europe’s financial markets

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MADRID – Investors are increasingly worried about Spain’s finances despite expectations of a new round of austerity measures. The yield on 10-year Spanish bonds in the secondary market rose Tuesday to 5.83 percent from 5.74 percent before the Easter break began late last week. The difference between this yield and that of the benchmark German [...]

Weak bond auction drives Spain yield up

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MADRID – Spain’s first bond auction after its government unveiled a harsh austerity budget failed to raise the target amount Wednesday with borrowing costs on the country’s long-term debt also showing a sharp increase. In an auction of medium-term debt Wednesday Spain sold 2.6 billion euros ($3.5 billion), short of its 2.5 billion_3.5 billion euros [...]

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