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Workers on strike urged to get back to work in Canada

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TORONTO – Workers are urged to get back to work. It has been reported that Canada’s labor minister says the government plans to introduce back-to-work legislation after negotiations between Canadian Pacific Railway and its striking locomotive engineers and conductors fell apart over the weekend. The strike has stopped freight service at Canada’s second largest railway [...]

Rolling Stones back to work for new ideas

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NEW YORK – For the fans of the Stones it is great news! Ronnie Wood affirmed that the Rolling Stones will meet in a recording studio later this month “to just throw some ideas around.” The guitarist for the legendary rock group said Monday that he and the band just want “to get the feel [...]

Man sawed his foot off in order to avoid work

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WIEN – An unemployed Austrian man sawed his own foot off in order to avoid work, so he would have been found unfit to go back to work. Police said ” the 56-year-old man cut his own foot with a mechanical chainsaw and threw it into the oven. Then the man rushed into his garage [...]

US teacher suspended from work over porn video allegation

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OXNARD, Calif. – It has been reported that students have been asked not to search Internet sex sites for a teacher who may have been moonlighting as a porn star, a Southern California school district said in a letter to parents. The Haydock Intermediate School teacher, whose name hasn’t been released, was placed on paid [...]

NYC Maid to be paid $1.5M for unpaid work

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NEW YORK  – It has been reported that a magistrate judge in New York City has recommended that a young Indian woman be awarded nearly $1.5 million for being forced to work without pay for a diplomat from her country. The judge said Wednesday that Neena Malhotra (MAHL-hot-rah), and her husband, Jogesh Malhotra induced Shanti [...]

America is all about hard work

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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa – President Barack Obama, after his annual State of the Union address to Congress, defended the government’s role in ensuring fairness on Wednesday and rejected accusations from Republicans that he is engaging class warfare as his re-election bid begins. Obama spoke at the start of a three-day tour of politically crucial states [...]

Johann Hari quits the Independent to work on a book

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LONDON – The columnist Johann Hari said on his website that he’s quitting The Independent newspaper to work on a book. The British award-winner was once seen as a journalistic wunderkind, but his reputation fell apart once it emerged that he’d systematically lifted quotes from other articles. Hari also admitted maliciously editing Wikipedia entries of [...]

Germany invites skilled workers from Greece

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BERLIN – Rich Germany has a surprising message for sinking Greece: Help Wanted. With a shrinking labor force and buoyant economy, Germany desperately needs skilled workers to keep its industrial engine churning forward. Increasingly, it’s seeking them from Greece and other European laggards like Spain and Portugal where unemployment is soaring amid fears of financial [...]

How Obama can boost jobs

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WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama has a lot at stake on Thursday as he intends to lay out a plan to revive the U.S.’s economy. The White House staffers have been working through the Labor Day to put the finishing touches on a speech that officials say will urge all the Congress to get behind [...]