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Angry father bit his son’s penis off

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SHENZHEN, CHINA – This story comes from China, where a father bit his 6 year-old son’s penis off, while they were walking in the streets of Shenzhen. According to an eye witness, who saw everything, the kid was walking without clothes with his father and sister, when the fathered ordered him to bite his own [...]

Mel Gibson to witness

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LOS ANGELES – It has been reported that Mel Gibson on suspicion of drunken driving want to call the Oscar-winner as a witness during an upcoming trial to determine whether the law enforcement officer suffered discrimination because of the case. The case will focus on what happened to Deputy James Mee after he arrested the [...]

Unexpected witness to show up at Jackson’s death trial

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LOS ANGELES – Testimony in the involuntary manslaughter case against Michael Jackson’s personal physician is poised to end on a flurry of medical witnesses, with the doctor at the center of case saying he is still undecided about whether he will take the stand. Attorneys on both sides of the case say they have only [...]

‘Bomb dad’ siege rattles Sydney

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SYDNEY – Australian police cordoned off a Sydney building Tuesday in a tense standoff with a man who claimed to have a bomb, smashed a window and issued threats from a lawyer’s office where he holed up with his teenage daughter. The daughter appeared to be well, and police spent several hours trying to negotiate [...]

China: Boy saved from behind outdoor air conditioning unit

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BEIJING- A Chinese toddler who fell from the eighth floor of his parents’ apartment building in Beijing was ‘plucked to safety’  from behind an outdoor air contioning unit by two grocery shop workers, reports mirror.co.uk. “I heard screaming and looked up to see a kid stuck behind an air conditioner while his legs were dangling [...]