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Asian belted for speaking to Saudi man’s wife (Video)

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RIHAD (SAUDI ARABIA) - Footage of a Saudi husband whipping an Asian man with a belt for speaking to his wife has enraged Human Rights organisations. The footage shows the Saadi man dressed in whit robes slapping the Asian man in the red overall. As The Daily Mail reports, the beating occurrs in a room with [...]

Husband leaves wife at gas station on honeymoon

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BERLIN (GERMANY)  - A distracted husband left his new wife behind for five hours at a petrol station in Hesse, East Germany, on Thursday. The 33-year-old wife was in the station’s toilet when his husband drove off. Apparently, the husband was convinced his wife was asleep in the back of the car when he drove [...]

Wife fails to adress husband as ‘sir’, gets beaten with wooden spoon

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PHILADELHPIA (UNITED STATES) - A husband beat his wife with a wooden spoon for being disrespectful in front of their children. Dan Kirby Kopp, 45, from Ephrata, Pennsylvania, beat his wife because she failed to adress him as ‘sir’,  reports The Daily Mail. Jurors at Lancaster County were shown a the tape in which Kopp threatens [...]

Wife was caught cheating. Paramour attempts a hilarious escape through the window (VIDEO)

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A wife was caught cheating and later on a paramour attempted a hilarious escape through the window Check out the video below:

Cheating husband has boiling water poured onto his testicles by wife

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An unfaithful Colombian husband had boiling water poured onto his genitals after his wife received a phone call from his mistress to inform her that they had sex. Nefer Natan returned home in the early hours of Tuesday morning. He had told his wife he’d been out drinking with his friends, reports NY Daily News. [...]

WATCH Husbands finds out wife’s dating site profile, dumps horse manure on her convertible

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A 37-year-old English husband got revenge on his wife by dumping horse shit on her convertible car after he found out he’d been branded “a complete idiot” and “completely crazy” on a dating website. In the description, the cheating wife says there are only two things she loves in her life: her horse and her convertible [...]

Husband smothered to death by wife’s breasts after drunken row

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A plump 50-year-old woman killed her husband with her breasts following a drunken row in their trailer home. As The Huffington Post reports, 5ft 8 Donna Lange allegedly smothered her 5ft 7 husband to death by covering his face with them after throwing him to the ground. Officers arrived at the Airport Inn trailer park [...]

Belgian husband wants to annul marriage to Indonesian wife of 19 years: she’s a man

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A Belgian named Jan wants to annul his marriage to his wife of 19 years after he found out his bride had undergone a sex change while living in Indonesia. Jan told Belgian newspaper Het Nieuwsblad he fell in love with his ex-wife in 1993 when she arrived in Antwerp. They got married after deciding [...]

Indian TV repairman cuts off his tongue to win back estranged wife

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A foul-mouthed man decided to win back his wife by ridding himself of the source of their split. Bunty Verma decided to cut off his tongue in a final effort to convince his estranged wife to return home to him. The 32-year-old TV repairman from Sendhwa, India, explained it all in a note he wrote for [...]

Usher ex wife spat at his girlfriend

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ATLANTA – Apparently Usher’s ex wife has been quite nasty. Hip-hop artist Usher Raymond is locked in a legal battle with his ex-wife arising from a custody fight over their two sons. The 33-year-old testified in court Tuesday that Tameka Foster Raymond spit at and tried to fight his girlfriend during one visit. He said [...]

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