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Cat adopts and breastfeeds baby ducks (VIDEO)

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A cat adopted some baby ducks and she has been spotted breastfeeding them The video has been taken by the owners of the animals: Ronan and Emma Lally. The owners said that they thought that the ducklings went missing and they were very surprised to find out the cat adopted them and feed them together [...]

Weird goat wants to make new friends (VIDEO)

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A weird goat is approaching a man and it probably wants to make a new friend. The goat starts kicking his leg and grab his attention hoping to make a new friend to play with. Watch the video below:  

Japanese Game Show Face Squashed by Sumo Butt (VIDEO)

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A strange Japanese game show forces you to have a sumo butt in your face if you get the answer wrong. Watch the poor contestants who had to face such penalty in the video below:

Weird man sniffs Jack Nicholson’s hair at L.A Lakers game (VIDEO)

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A weird man was sniffing Jack Nicholson’s hair at a L.A Lakers game In the video you can see the man getting closer to Jack Nicholson and attempting to sniff his hair. Watch the video below:

Couple kicked out of McDonald’s for having noisy sex in female toilets

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LONDON – A couple got kicked out of McDonald’s for having noisy sex in the female toilets. The accident took place at 5.30 pm when a 42 year-old mother with her 10 year-old son and 22-year-old daughter witnessed the accident at Mcdonald’s. The 22-year-old daughter went to the toilet and found the couple having sex [...]

Weird laughing toys in a Russian shop: contagious (VIDEO)

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MOSCOW, RUSSIA – Some weird laughing toys have been spotted in a Russian shop. Once someone approaches them the toys start to laugh with a weird laughter. It is pretty much impossible not to laugh, you just cannot help it! Enjoy the video:

WATCH Elephants play a football match in Nepal

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NEW YORK – Watch this funny video in which elephants play a football match in Nepal. In Nepal elephants also take part in races and beauty competitions. Enjoy the video:  

Police spent £2,000 on apprehending feline chicken pilferer

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LONDON – Police spent £ 2,000 on apprehending feline chicken pilferer. Police sent a van and two officer to investigate the case of an apprehending chicken pilferer. 75 year-old woman, Dorothy Howling-Neame decided to call the police after her neighbours’ Bengal broke into her house. Police officers showed up at Janine and Paul Watson to [...]

Hotel worker performs sex act on a couch in the street

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NEW YORK – An American worker has been arrested after having been caught while performing a sex act on a yellow couch in the street. His name is Gerard Streator, and it happened in Waukesha, Wisconsin, the man has been caught while “thusting” on the abandoned sofa. This is what the police file reads: “At [...]

Man thought he was fat, but he actually had a 22 kg tumour

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LONDON – The 53 year-old Jeff Bennett could not figure out how he suddenly got so fat, and did not manage to lose weight at all despite being on diet for ages, he only lost weight in other parts of his body but not his belly. Bennett then found out that what he thought was [...]

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