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Barton on Bieber’s fans: “All the mutants that adore him are giving me all sorts of abuse here”

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LONDON – Joey Barton is being harassed by Justin Bieber’s fans on Twitter over a comment he made on Justin Bieber. Joey Barton, midfielder for Olympique de Marseille, said that Justin will end up just like other many child stars. The comment caused outrage and a lot of fans of Justin Bieber attacked him on [...]

North Korea threatens to wage war against South Korea over UN sanctions

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A after theatening the United States on Thursday, North Korea authorities warned South Korea not back the extension of sanctions the U.N. approved on Tuesday. The North’s Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea issued a statement on Friday saying: “Sanctions mean a war and a declaration of war against us”.  As Reuters reports, the Committee, [...]

Leaked memo claims Israel is ready for 30-day war with Iran

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A US blogger has published a report according to which Israel is considering attacking Iran if it continues its nuclear enrichment program. The leaked memo states that the attack would hit Iran’s nuclear sites, last up to 30 days and claim the lives of at least 500 Israelis. From BBC.co.uk: The purported leaked Israeli memo [...]

Damascus becomes Syria’s latest battle ground

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BEIRUT – Troops loyal to the Syrian leader Basahar al-Assad shelled the city of Daraa on Saturday, killing at least 17 people. Violence and shooting has also been reported in Damascus, the country’s capital, where the uprising against Assad began more than a year ago. The overnight violence across the country is a big blow [...]

Black federal law officer killed in 1883 remembered

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WASHINGTON – It has been reported that William Henderson Foote was a black federal law enforcement official in America’s Deep South at a time of heightened racial tensions, tasked with collecting liquor tax revenue from wholesalers and retailers after the post-Civil War Reconstruction Era. He joined the military at the start of the Civil War [...]

France raises military intervention in Syria

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BEIRUT – France has raised the prospect of military intervention in Syria, saying the U.N. should consider harsher measures if an international peace plan that has been shaken by violence ultimately collapses. The statement Wednesday reflects mounting international frustration with daily attacks that have kept a cease-fire between troops loyal to President Bashar Assad and [...]

Syria troops violate week-old truce

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BEIRUT – Activists say Syrian government forces are pounding a rebel stronghold with mortar fire, violating a week-old cease-fire the international community is reluctant to declare dead despite ongoing violence. The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says the regime on Wednesday resumed its attack on the city of Homs, battered by artillery for weeks. [...]

Shoal won’t lead to war with China says Philippine president

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MANILA, Philippines – The Philippine president says his Southeast Asian nation won’t start a war with China over a disputed shoal where their ships have figured in a tense naval standoff for a week. President Benigno Aquino III said Monday his country would assert its sovereignty over the Scarborough Shoal off the northwestern Philippines but [...]

Syrian troops keep on offensives

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BEIRUT – It has been reported that Syrian troops are assaulting and shelling restive regions in the north and center of the country despite an international cease-fire scheduled to go into effect within days. The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says dozens of army vehicles are taking part in an attack east of the [...]

Bosnia pays tribute to 20 years since war broke out

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SARAJEVO, Bosnia-Herzegovina – It has been reported that Bosnians walked silently and sobbed on Sarajevo’s main street, leaving flowers and gifts on 11,541 red chairs arranged in seemingly endless rows, the number represents the men, women and children killed in a siege that ended up being the longest of a city in modern history. Sarajevo [...]

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