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Mysterious whirlpool swallows whatever is on its way (VIDEO)

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A mysterious water swirl swallows whatever gets dragged on its way. This video shows a sinkhole that swallows whatever comes on its way. A Youtube user gave an explanation of the phenomenon, IPKII said: “Its a sinkhole, most likely goes to an underground cave. It’ll keep draining until the holes gets plugged, the water runs [...]

Raccoon vs. Water Hose (VIDEO)

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Watch the funny reaction of a raccoon trying to fight a water hose. Who is going to be the winner? Check out the video below to find out:

Camel and girl racing: who’s the winner? (VIDEO)

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LOS ANGELES, UNITED STATES – A camel and girl challenged themselves in a race. Who will win? Check out the video below:

How to protect your care from hailstones

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NEW YORK  – Hailstones can be pretty bad and end up damaging your car. This is what a man thought up to avoid having a damaged car. Do you think it is a good idea?

WATCH Brazilian TV show pulls best ghost prank ever

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A Brazilian TV show has pulled off the best prank in history. The prank from the Silvio Santos Program forced unaware victims to use a faulty elevator that would stopped half way, the lights would go out and a pale little girl resembling the one from The Ring would show up drastically shortening the life [...]

The touching story of Shaun Wilson-Miller and his farewell video

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NEW YORK – This is the touching story of Shaun Wilson-Miller, who uploaded a video on youtube after being diagnosed with chronic heart rejection, and after doctors told him he hasn’t got long to live. Shaun’s body rejected a second heart transplant, and cannot try a third transplant because it is considered too risky. This [...]

Video: Cow kicks hard woman in the face

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NEW YORK – We all know that stroking a cow while she is giving birth is not a good idea. Following in the video you can see the cow getting nervous and kicking hard the woman in her face.

Upside Down And Backwards Pianist

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NEW YORK – Enjoy the video of this talented pianist who plays upside down and backwards!

VIDEO: 86-year-old gymnast does headstands!

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NEW YORK – Her name is Johanna Quaas, she is a 86-year-old gymnast who does headstands and backflips! She exercises everyday on the parallel bars and she won 11 gymnastic medals so far.

Drunken singing in the police car after being arrested

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NEW YORK – A man got arrested by the police, and once in the car he started to sing Bohemian Rhapsody, surely we can’t say he is a good singer!

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