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Georgian mother keeps mummified son at home for 18 years (Video)

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TBILISI (GEORGIA) – A mother has kept her son’s mummified body for 18 years in a coffin. Joni Barakadze died aged 22 but his parents refused to bury him and have kept his corpse in their house since his death. In an interview with a Georgian television, Joni’s mother said she kept his body so [...]

The mystery beyond the VIDEO of a dog burying her own puppy revealed

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The viral video of a dog burying her own puppy has finally an expert explanation Apparently the dog in this VIDEO is burying her puppy, not to mourn it, but simply to save some dead meat for later. The New York animal consultant, Peter Borchelt, revelaed that the most likely truth beyond the video is that [...]

Naked man got shot in Berlin (VIDEO)

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A young man has been shot in Berlin after being spotted climbing naked into a public well holding a knife in his hand. The man started to hurt himself, and the police arrived and tried to help him out. Although the man attacked a police officer and he eventually was shot. The man died. Watch [...]

Cat refuses to return stolen money (VIDEO)

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A cat refused to return to its owner the money it stole As soon as the owner spotted the note in the cat’s mouth, he was trying to retrieve it, but the cat had no intention of returning the money whatsoever. Check out the funny video below:

Crying tears of blood: a woman’s rare condition

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Yaritza Olivia, a woman from Chile, has developed a rare condition that makes her cry tears of blood from her eyes several times a day The condition is called Haemolacria. The 20 year-old Yaritza Olivia only started to cry tears of blood earlier this month. Olivia claims that the pain she feels is “indescribable”. Unfortunately [...]

Giraffe chases tourists on a safari

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An angry giraffe started to chase tourists on a safari Eventually the tourists managed to get rid of her, check out the video below:

Kristi Gordon, weather girl, freaks out at weather camera spider (VIDEO)

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Meteorologist Kristi Gordon freaked out when she saw a spider on the weather camera while she was doing her Noon News forecast. As soon as she saw the spider she started to scream and run from a part to the other of the studio. Check out the video below:

Prank gone bad: prankster ends up being stuck in traffic bollard for 2 hours (VIDEO)

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A prank gone bad and a prankster ended up being stuck in a traffic bollard for 2 hours A passer by filmed the scene, and it has now become an internet hit. Apparently a lot of people noticed that the man was stuck in the bollard, but no one helped because they thought it was [...]

CCTV footage at Manchester Museum shows Egyptian statue spinning on its own (VIDEO)

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CCTV footage at Manchester Museum shows an Egyptian statue that spins on its own The statue is a relic of Neb-Senu which dates back to 1800 BC. The statue has been in a glass display for over 80 years, but recently, in the past few weeks, the statue started to move and spin on itself. [...]

Chinese Boy born with blue Cat Eyes can see in total Darkness (VIDEO)

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A Chinese boy, named Nong Youhui, can see in total darkness, because he was born with cat eyes The boy underwent several tests and proved to see perfectly into the dark. Watch his story below:

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