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Uncertainty over Greece election

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ATHENS, Greece – It has been reported that Greeks cast ballots on Sunday in their most critical, and uncertain, election in decades, with voters set to punish the two main parties that are being held responsible for the country’s dire economic straits. The stakes couldn’t be higher. Entirely dependent on billions of euros worth of [...]

Uncertainty in Europe over faulty breast implants

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LONDON – European health authorities issued widely different recommendations Friday in dealing with potentially faulty French-made breast implants, with Germany and the Czech Republic following France in recommending their removal, while Britain insisted there isn’t enough evidence to suggest they should be taken out in all cases. Germany’s Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices [...]

S&P’s warns the US

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WASHINGTON – Ratings agency Standard & Poor’s have warned they might downgrade a notch the United States’ rating if no measure against the country’s debt woes is taken soon, reports huffingtonpost.com. The rating could cut the country’s triple A rating as soon as this month if the deadlock between Democrats and Reoublicans is not broken [...]