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Boyfriend caught stealing roses for his girlfriend during live news report

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Andrzej Czapka stole a bunch of roses for his girlfriend while they were broadcasting a news report Andrzej Czapka broke up with his girlfriend and decided to get her some roses. So he thought it would have been a great idea to steal the roses from his local florist. Unfortunately he did not notice that [...]

Naughty boy caught looking at host’s cleavage (VIDEO)

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A naughty boy has been caught while he was looking at the host’s cleavage The boy took a peak several times until the host eventually noticed. Watch the boy getting caught below:

Dog cries while watching the Lion King on TV (VIDEO)

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A 3 year-old dog, who is a pug and chihuahua mix started to cry and got all emotional while watching the Lion King on television Watch the video below:

Woman goes wild on TV after winning lottery (VIDEO)

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 TORONTO, CANADA – An immigrant woman went wild on TV after winning $40 Million lottery. The woman has been playing the same numbers for years and this time she decided to go for a pick generated by the system computer. Oddly enough the pick were still her usual numbers. She will keep all $40 million, [...]

WATCH: Guests scuffle during live debate on Lebanese television

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During a live debate on a Lebanese TV station two guests scuffled while debating their opposing views on the origin of the Syrian conflict. The debate got out of hand when the guest on the left side of the screen threw a glass of water at the other guest. The show, broadcast by TV channel [...]

PHOTO Man burns face after picking up iron instead of telephone

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A Polish husband showed why his wife Lila shouldn’t trust him when doing housework. Tomasz Paczkowski was at home while his wife was at work when he decided to convince himself that men too are good at multi-tasking. The 32-year-old started ironing but got so caught into the box match he was watching on TV with [...]

WATCH Magician’s head set on fire in TV prank gone wrong

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NEW YORK – Watch Magician’s head set on fire in TV prank gone wrong. A US magician ended up in hospital after his head was accidentally set on fire during a TV prank gone wrong Wayne Houchin, the victim who is now recovering in hospital, said:  ‘I am still in a lot of pain but [...]

Mark Zuckerberg surprised everyone with appearance on Chinese TV

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BEIJING – It has been reported that social media sites and blogs have lit up after eagle-eyed viewers spotted a surprise cameo in a Chinese TV documentary about the country’s police force: Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his now-wife, Priscilla Chan. The documentary by CCTV was part of a series on Chinese police and high-tech [...]

Sexy model attracts everyone in Mexican presidential debate

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MEXICO CITY – Do you know who won the Mexican presidential debate?. According to the media and Twitter frenzy, at least, the victor wasn’t any candidate but a curvaceous model in a tight gown who puzzled millions by appearing on stage for less than 30 seconds during the showdown. Julia Orayen has posed nude for [...]

The Kardashian again on air with a new reality show

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NEW YORK – We will see the Kardashians soon again on tv. The Kardashian family will continue living life on TV for the next three years. The E! Entertainment network said Tuesday it had reached a deal with its most bankable franchise to make three more seasons of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.” Terms were [...]

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