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Al Qaeda leader in Iraq and Syria killed near Turkey

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DAMASCUS (SYRIA) – Abu-Abdallah al-Libi, a top al-Qaeda commander for The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has been killed in Idlib in northwestern Syria.  So far, no one has claimed responsibility for the death of the terroritst whose organization is trying to overthrow Bashar al Assad’s rule. The group recently took over control of the town [...]

Brazil Protests: Pepper-sprayed woman draws comparison to Turkey’s woman in red

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RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil – The image of a woman being pepper-sprayed is making the rounds on the Internet. The picture was taken around 11:20pm on Monday. Victor Caivano, the photographer who caught the moment on camera, told New York Magazine’s Daily Intelligencer : Three riot officers approached the woman and told her to leave. When [...]

Turkey Protest: Erdem Gündüz Takes Stand Against Gezi Park Plan (Photo)

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ISTANBUL, Turkey – Erdem Gündüz is a 34-year-old dancer and performance artist who began a new form of protest over the government’s redevelopment plan of Gezi Park. On Monday, just a few days after police forcibly put an end to the protest that lasted a few weeks, Gündüz stopped in the middle of Taksim Square and stood with his head [...]

Drunk Attempts to Break Door to Airfield at Turkish Airport (VIDEO)

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A drunk man at Turkish Airport has been spotted attempting to break a door to get to the airfield Check out the video below:

Turkey Protest: Six rounds of teargas fired in impromptu medical clinic in Taksim Square

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ISTANBUL, Turkey – Prime Minister, Recep Erdogan, held a rally on Sunday, a day after an anti-government demonstration in Gezi Park was quashed with brutal force. At the rally the Turkish premier accused the BBC and CNN of  “conspiring against Turkey” and distorting the truth. “Taksim is not Turkey,” said Erdogan at the rally of [...]

Girl goes through security check at the airport with fake unicorn passport

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Emily Harris managed to get through security check at the airport by showing a fake unicorn’s passport Emily Harris made it through security check with her unicorn passport and Turkish authorities even stamped it. This is what Emily’s mother said: ‘I didn’t realise until I was putting the passports away,’ Mrs Harris said. ‘There was a [...]

Turkey Protest: Referendum may be held over Gezi Park

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ISTANBUL, Turkey - Huseyin Celik, the chairman of ruling party AK, says he’s ready to propose a referendum over the redevelopment plan of Gezi Park. The area has been the spark that ignited a two-week protest across the country that claimed the lives of at least three people and injured thousands. The BBC reports: Mr Celik’s [...]

Turkey Protest: Taksim Square cleared after night of clashes

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ISTANBUL, Turkey –  Protesters in Gezi Park continued their battle against the government’s redevelopment plan forcing police to continue with their brutal crackdown of the protest between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. According to various reports, the police targeted demonstrators with tear gas canisters until the area was cleared. CNN reports: Around 2 a.m. Wednesday, a [...]

Turkey Protests: Officer Shoots Protester In The Head (NSFW Video)

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ANKARA, Turkey - A video shows a Turkish police officer shooting a protester in the head. The footage was taken in Kizilay Square in Ankara. According to official reports, at least three people died in the violent riots that spread across Turkey over the redevelopment plan of Taksim Square in Istanbul. YouTube Reddit

Turkey Protests: Quiz show breaks censorship, asks 70 questions about riots

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ISTANBUL, Turkey – The government run by prime minister Recep Erdogan reportedly managed to silence many journalists during the riots that spread across the country. But one host of a game show on Turkish television found a way to skirt around the media crackdown by “crafting questions” revolving around the protests over the redevelopment plan of [...]

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