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Nigeria plane crash: rescuers likely to find more corpses

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LAGOS, Nigeria – Rescuers are looking hard for corpses in Nigeria plane crash. It has been reported that  emergency workers in Nigeria used cadaver dogs and cranes to search for corpses Monday at the site where an American-built airliner plunged to earth, killing all 153 aboard. Rescue officials said they fear many more people may [...]

Nigeria clashes: death toll 5

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LAGOS, Nigeria – It has been reported that gunmen wearing military uniforms arrested and shot dead five people in northeast Nigeria as violence escalates in the region. Taraba state police spokesman Ibiang Mbaseki said Saturday that the attack happened Friday night in a remote village in his state. Mbaseki said witnesses told police the gunmen [...]

Clashes in Libya: death toll 5

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TRIPOLI, Libya – It has been reported that five people have been killed in three days of clashes between rival tribes. The town is near Libya’s southern border with Chad. Taher Abo Bakr al-Tabuwi says clashes erupted when the African Tabu tribe confronted the powerful Arab tribe of al-Zwia after a Tabu man was found [...]

Swiss bus crash kills: death toll 28 among them 22 children

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SION, Switzerland – It has been reported that a tourist bus slammed head-on into a concrete wall in a Swiss Alps tunnel, killing 28 people, mostly children returning from a ski vacation. Swiss police said Wednesday the vehicle was not speeding and everyone was wearing seat belts. The bus was carrying students about age 12 [...]

Hair salon shooting in Romania: death toll 2, 6 injured

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BUCHAREST, Romania – It has been reported that a gunman opened fire Monday in a hair salon in the Romanian capital, killing two people and wounding six, officials said. The suspected shooter was identified as an ambulance driver who was married to one of the women killed. The attack occurred in the late afternoon in [...]

SKorea boat fire in Uruguay: death toll 2

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MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay – It has been reported that Uruguayan firefighters say they have found the bodies of two people who died when a South Korean fishing vessel caught fire. Fire department spokesman Leandro Palomeque says the bodies were found near the machine room of the Jung Woo 3. The vessel caught fire Saturday morning and [...]

Tornadoes hit Indiana, death toll 3

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CHELSEA, Indiana – It has been reported that authorities in Indiana say at least three people have been killed by tornadoes raking the southern portion of the U.S. state. Indiana Department of Homeland Security Spokesman John Erickson confirms three deaths in Jefferson County. Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department dispatcher Shelly Jones says houses are missing near [...]

US Midwest hit by storm, death toll 9

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BRANSON, Missouri – It has been reported that a powerful storm system that produced multiple reports of tornadoes lashed the U.S. Midwest early Wednesday, laying waste to small towns in Illinois and Kansas. At least nine people were killed. An apparent twister rolled through Branson just before 1 a.m. and seemed to hopscotch up the [...]

51st victim found in train wreck in Argentina

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BUENOS AIRES, Argentina – Argentine police found another body Friday in the wreck of a train that crashed two days earlier, raising the death toll to 51 and prompting an angry confrontation with officers at the station. Family and friends of Lucas Menghini Rey, one of the last passengers still missing, anxiously waited for the [...]

55 dead in shootings across Iraq

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BAGHDAD – It has been reported that bombs and deadly shootings relentlessly pounded Iraqis on Thursday, killing at least 55 people and wounding more than 225 in a widespread wave of violence the government called a “frantic attempt” by insurgents to prove the country will never be stable. Cars burned, school desks were bloodied, bandaged [...]

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