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Greece: Socialist candidate promises no new taxes

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ATHENS, Greece – Greece’s socialist party leader Evangelos Venizelos has promised no new taxes, or across-the-board wage and pension cuts, if his party participates in a coalition government after the May 6 early election. Speaking in front of a select audience of party officials Saturday, the former finance minister said he expected no single party [...]

Lindsay Lohan never paid federal income taxes for 2010

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NEW YORK – According to the docs presented yesterday at the L.A County Recorder’s Office, Lindsay Lohan never paid the federal income taxes for 2010, worth $ 140,203.30. She also did not pay $93,701.57 for the ones of 2009 either. As for the 2009 ones Lindsay Lohan blamed her accountants, who is she going to [...]

How Obama can boost jobs

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WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama has a lot at stake on Thursday as he intends to lay out a plan to revive the U.S.’s economy. The White House staffers have been working through the Labor Day to put the finishing touches on a speech that officials say will urge all the Congress to get behind [...]