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Sweden: Male Train Drivers Don Skirts To Work

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STOCKHOLM, Sweden - A group of train workers in Sweden are wearing skirts for their own comfort. The workers, a dozen in total, decided to wear skirts after they were told that wearing shorts at work is against the company’s dress code. Arriva, the company which operates the Roslaagsbanana train service in Stockholm, allows employees to [...]

Agency Recruiting New Models At Swedish Anorexia Clinic

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Top model scouts in Sweden have sparked anger and outrage after it emerged that they are trying to recruit the country’s next top model at the Stockholm Center for Eating Disorders. Anna Maria af Sandeberg, the chief doctor at the clinic, said: “We think this is repugnant. People have stood outside our clinic and tried [...]

Baby Seal found Wandering Around Swedish Forest (Photo)

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A seal has been found walking around a Swedish forest. The little pup was discovered by a member of the public in a forest not far from Uppsala. Apparently, the seal made the trek to the woods on his own after losing sight of his mother. After being taken care of by a hunter, the seal [...]

Full figure mannequins make their debut in Swedish department store (PHOTO)

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STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN – Full figure mannequins make their debut in a Swedish department store. It was the first time that a photo depicting real life shape mannequins was published on Facebook and it managed to get over 56,000 likes and over 17,000 shares going viral. The photo has been posted on Facebook page Women’s Rights [...]

Young Swedish cleaner steals commuter train and smashes it into 3-story building

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STOCKHOLM – A woman in Sweden stole a commuter train that derailed and slammed into an apartment building in Stockholm early Tuesday morning. The woman, a young cleamer born in 1990, stole the train of her own inititiative and had to be taken to hospital to treat the wounds she sustained following the crash. It [...]

WATCH Elk getting rescued from swimming pool in Sweden

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STOCKHOLM – Watch an elk getting rescued after falling in a swimming pool and getting stuck in freezing cold water in Sweden:

Woman who had sex with skeletons found guilty of ‘disturbing the peace of the dead’

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STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN – The Swedish woman accused of using skeletons for sexual purposes has been found guilty of “disturbing the peace of the dead” and now she has to undergo psychiatric treatment. Photos depicting the woman kissing skeletons have been found. The 37 year-old has avoided all the necrophilia charges though she will be charged [...]

WATCH Riot erupts in Sweden over “slut” and “whores” remarks

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A riot erupted at a high school in Gothenburg after a student allegedy posted through an anoynmous Instagram account where was the best place in the cuty to find sluts. The report that the account belongs to a student at Pusgymnasiet high school hasn’t been confirmed but more than 200 photos of schoolgirls aged 13 and [...]

Wreck in Baltic Sea seabed said to be a Soviet submarine

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After 71 years on the seabed of the Baltic Sea, the Swedish Military retrieved the wreck of a Soviet submarine. As Yahoo News reports, the submarine was found not far from the Baltic island of Oland. German forces had mined the area during World War II and a statement issued by the Swedish Armed Forces [...]

Low muscle power makes you die young, study shows

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If you’re a nerd who spends most of his day sitting in front of a computer it’s time you start being more active. A Swedish study found that your life span depends on how strong and fit you are. The research claims that those with low muscle power are more likely to die young. The [...]

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