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Boston Marathon Bombings: Suspect One Dead, Suspect Two Still At Large (Update)

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A police officer died in a shooting near a building at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Thursday night. Shooting began at 10:48 p.m when police officers responded to a call. In the firefight, a police officer was shot dead and the two suspects, which are believed to be those responsible for the Boston Marathon bombings, led the [...]

4chan Blog Users Claim They Have Found Boston Bombing Suspect (Photo)

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4chan blog users claim they have found the person responsible for the Boston Marathon bombings. It’s the man in the red circle and he seems to fit the desription of the man FBI investigators are closing in on. He’s wearing a black jacket and a white baseball cap and in a subsequent aerial shot next [...]

Thai suspected of killing Australian woman arrested

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BANGKOK (AP) – Police have arrested a Thai suspect in the murder of an Australian woman who was killed on a Thai resort island by a man who stabbed her in a struggle to steal her bag. Police said Surin Tadthong was arrested Monday outside Bangkok where he is believed to have fled after last Thursday’s [...]

Auburn University shooting supect wanted on threes counts of murder

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Investigators are searching for the gunman who opened fire at a pool party near the campus of Auburn University killing three students. Desmonte Leonard is accused of opening fire at a party killing three people after a fight broke out over a woman, writes CBS. Leonard is wanted on three counts of capital murder. He [...]

Joey Barton suspected of affray and arrested

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LIVERPOOL, England – It has been reported that Queens Park Rangers captain Joey Barton was reportedly arrested on Monday on suspicion of affray after being involved in an altercation outside a nightclub in his hometown in northern England. The 29-year-old Barton says he was punched in the back of the head in the early hours [...]

Pepsi subsidiary attacks: cartel suspected

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MEXICO CITY – It has been reported that prosecutors in northern Mexico say a drug cartel lieutenant has been detained in a series of firebombing attacks on a PepsiCo subsidiary, the Mexican potato-chip company Sabritas. Experts say the weekend fire-bombings were the most violent and concerted attack on a private transnational company in Mexico to [...]

IRA suspect arrested in Londonderry

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DUBLIN – It has been reported that residents of a Londonderry street voiced their anger Tuesday at Irish Republican Army die-hards after police seized at least two bombs in an apartment in the Northern Ireland city. Officers arrested a 30-year-old local man on suspicion of involvement with the bomb cache on Maureen Avenue near the [...]

19 suspected Islamist extremists in prison in France

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PARIS – It has been reported that police led pre-dawn raids across France on Friday in a crackdown against suspected Islamist extremists, arresting 19 people and carting off automatic rifles and other guns in authorities’ latest response to a wave of terrorism that has shaken the country. President Nicolas Sarkozy, intent on showing an all-out [...]

Nine police officers die in Afghan province

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KABUL, Afghanistan – Afghan police say nine village police officers have been shot dead by a colleague in the eastern Paktika province. The provincial police chief Dawlat Khan says the incident occurred on Friday in Yayakhil town of Yayakhil district. Bowal Khan, chief of Yayakhil district, identified the gunman as Asadullah, who goes by one [...]

New information about US suspect in Afghan massacre

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NEW YORK – It has been reported that his identity is as shadowed now as the night the U.S. Army says he crept into a pair of slumbering Afghan villages and slaughtered 16 civilians whose safety he was charged to protect. Five days after the massacre, a portrait of the suspect is beginning to emerge. [...]

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