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Father takes son surfing for the first time (VIDEO)

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A father takes his son surfing for the first time Check out how much the kid enjoyed surfing for the first

Surfer killed in shark attack off California coast

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A shark attacked and killed a shark off a central California coast beach. The attack took the life of Francisco Javier Solorio Jr., 39, who was surfing with a friend when the shak bit him in the upper torso, reports The Washington Post. According to Santa Barabara sheriff  Sgt. Mark A. Williams, Solorio Jr.’s friend [...]

Australian surfer survives shark attack

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BRISBANE, Australia – It has been reported that a 20-year-old surfer has survived a shark attack off a popular Australian tourist beach. The news.com.au website reports university student Billy O’Leary was surfing off Nobby Beach at Gold Coast city on the east coast Tuesday afternoon when he fell off his board and landed on the [...]

Aussie surfer survives shark attack

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SYDNEY – A 44-year-old surfer suffered serious wounds to his thigh and buttocks in Australia’s second shark attack this month. Australia normally has about three shark attacks per year, one of them fatal, but there already have been two attacks so far this year, off the east coast. Paramedic David Morris says the man was [...]

Surfing Goat

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GROVER BEACH, California – A pet goat called Goatee has taken to the waves at Grover Beach in California, watch the video below to see Goatee in action!

British surfer loses both legs to a shark

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JOHANNESBURG – British citizen Michel Cohen was on holiday surfing South Afrcian waves when he was attacked by a Great White shark that ripped off both of his legs. Michael Cohen lost more than seven litres of blood foloowing the attack and he would have been easily finished off  hadn’t a seal fended off the Ocean [...]

Watch surfers ride fire

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Watch both elite and young  surfers progress their surfing skills in Indonesia’s remote Mentawai Islands.

Agatha Christie a ‘stand up’ surfer in the Hawaii

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LONDON – Author Agatha Christie may well have been the first ever British woman to be a ‘stand up’ surfer, reports telegraph.co.uk. Researcher Peter Robinson claims that Ms. Christie took up surfing during a holiday in South Africa with her husband in 1922. But she learned to stand up on the board during a holiday [...]