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Aurele Almanza chops up brother, keeps him in freezer for one year

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MADRID (SPAIN) – Aurele Almanza, 48, has admitted to killing his brother and then storing his sliced up body in two freezers for one year. The 48-year-old butcher from the island of Mallorca, Spain, reportedly butchered his brother Osmas, 52, during a fight. As News.com.au reports, Mr Almanza was attacked with a hammer by his brother. [...]

Francisco Jose Garzon was on phone before train crash

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MADRID, Spain - The train driver responsibe for the death of 79 passengers in Spain last week was on the phone moments before the crash. The BBC reports that the train was going at 192km/h despite a speed limit of 80 km/h when all carriages careered off the tracks hitting a wall. Train driver Francisco Jose Garzon [...]

Spain: Train derailing claims 79 lives (Video)

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SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA (SPAIN) – The derailing of a train in Santiago de Compostela claimed the lives of at least 80 people on July 24, 2013. Footage of the heinous accident shows the first cars careen to the left as the train starts turning. According to the BBC, the train was going at twice the speed [...]

Insane Spanish Builder breaches health and safety rules to lift cement buckets (Video)

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MADRID, Spain – A builder leaps from the second floor of a building under construction to deliver a cement bucket to a builder on the third floor. The video starts with the man filling a bucket with sand. The man then leaves the cement bucket on the floor and climbs up a tall ladder beside him. [...]

Algerian Immigrant Caught Entering Spain On Back of Vessel’s Propellers (Video)

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MADRID, Spain - An Algerian immigrant was filmed trying to enter Spain sitting inches away from the propellers of a ferry. The man spent two hours ‘stowed away’ in the vessel that was crossing the Straits of Gibraltar. The 48-year-old had boarded the vessel in Tangiers, Morocco, on Saturday and was arrested after he was spotted [...]

Spanish town posts back dog poo to their owners who fail to pick it up

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A Spanish town, Brunete, decided to employed 20 volunteers, who post back dog poo to their owners after they fail to pick it up The Spanish town of Brunete, 20 miles west of Madrid, decided to employ 20 volunteers who patrol the streets and spot the dog owners who fail to pick up their dog’s [...]

Photo of Spanish Newborn Twins Holding Each Other’s Hands Goes Viral

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A photo showing two newborn twins holding each other’s hands moments after their birth has gone viral. Daniel and Maria were born in the province of Guipùzcoa, Spain. Doctors said the twin brothers holding each other’s hands shows their will to survive.    

Spanish Priest Caught Performing Sex Act On Man Is Dismissed (Video)

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A Catholic priest in Spain was caught on film in an amorous embrace with a male friend. Father Francisco Javier Ruiz was dismissed from his position as a priest in the city of Murcia after a cyclist filmed a 29-second clip that showed him performing oral sex on another man. Alejandro Mejias was reportedly biking [...]

Spain’s Population Shrinks For First Time Due To Economic Crisis

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Spain’s population shrank by almost 206,000 in 2012 totalling 47.1m. It was the first time in decades since the population in Southern Europe fell. According to the National Statistic Institute (NSI), the number of native Spaniards rose by some 10,000 but  the number of many the country’s immigrants – 216,000 – mainly from Ecuador and [...]

ATM of Happiness dispenses 100 euro notes for free in Spain (Video)

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A cash machine dubbed the ‘ATM of Happiness’ is dispensing 100 euro notes ($131) for free in crisis-stricken Spain. The video is part of a campaign launched by Coca-Cola called “Open Happiness”. The only condition recipients have to follow is to use the money to spread a little happiness in a country that is going through its [...]

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