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Should you be nice all the time? Study reveals that it’s no good

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NEW YORK – Do we really need to be friendly all the time? Is it really worth it? Apparently not. Maybe those who say that being nice gets you nowhere are right, because seemingly in the long run it’s not worth being nice all the time. This is what Nisha Balaram at Tiny Buddha said [...]

Meet the living rock

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NEW YORK – Meet this strange creature it may seem a geode to you, but it is actually an animal that has a clear blood, and inside its body a lot of rare metal gets accumulated, the same metal used to strengthen steel. The living rock belongs to the family of Pyura Chilensis, which can [...]

How to know you are dealing with a liar

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NEW YORK – Have you ever wondered if you’re lied to?, and also have you ever wondered how to spot a liar? Usually people tend to think that if someone is looking up and to the right, this means that the person is lying, though three researchers led some experiments and it all turned out [...]

America’s first dessicated human feces are at least 14,300 years old, scientists reveal

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GRANTS PASS, Oregon – Stone tools and radio-carbon dating of human DNA from coprolites, ancient desiccated human feces, shows people lived in caves in the western U.S. as early as 14,300 years ago. ┬áThe research offers new evidence of how some of the first Americans may have spread through the continent from Asia, on two [...]

Why do parrots talk like humans?

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NEW YORK – This is a tricky matter, we will not go into why parrots talk, but we will explain why parrots talk like humans and how they manage to do it, and why humans cannot reproduce parrots sounds. Let’s now analyze the differences between birds and humans when it comes to anatomy: humans have [...]

Food porn is not as harmless as you might think

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NEW YORK – Food porn lovers there’s bad news for you. Food porn is basically when you enjoy looking at photographs of food well shot and dreaming of eating these delicious looking food. You might think there is nothing wrong about it because you are just looking but not actually eating, but apparently a study [...]

Why does matter have mass? God particle actually exists

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GENEVA – With this amazing discovery scientists might change out conception of universe. It has been reported that physicists say they have all but proven that the “God particle” exists. They have a footprint and a shadow, and the only thing left is to see for themselves the elusive subatomic particle believed to give all [...]

Study proves our ancestors were shark headed


NEW YORK – It might sound odd but 300 million years ago our great ancestors looked like sharks, well at least they had shark heads. A research that has been published on a issue of Nature said our great ancestors looked like sharks. The study analyzed skulls, in particular analyzing molds like the ones in [...]

Hydraulic fracturing does not cause earthquakes

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WASHINGTON – It has been reported that the controversial practice of hydraulic fracturing to extract natural gas does not pose a high risk for triggering earthquakes large enough to feel, but other types of energy-related drilling can make the ground noticeably shake, a major U.S. government science report concludes. Even those man-made tremors large enough [...]

Cheeseee! NASA Mars rover takes a photo of its own shadow

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LOS ANGELES – Say Cheseeee! Even robots like to have fun. NASA’s rover on Mars showed off its playful side by snapping a photo of its own shadow. It’s the latest self-portrait since the rover, named Opportunity, landed on the red planet in 2004. The photo was taken in March, and the U.S. space agency [...]

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