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Ecobot: feeds himself and poops waste out

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LONDON – Scientists invented an innovative robot, the “ecobots”. These robots are very intelligent they collect their own food and water, then digest and eventually they expel the waste. So get ready you might need the bathroom free for your robot too soon. This is what a microbiologist at the Bristol Robotics Laboratory said: “Robots [...]

Twitter users against censorship

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NEW YORK  -  A lot of Twitter users have been complained after Twitter adopted a censorship system that will censor certain tweets according to the location and country the user is in. Twitter clarify it is a system that will scan through each tweet to make sure to censor only the ones that need to [...]

Wikipedia will be down on Wednesday in protest

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NEW YORK – The online encyclopedia will go offline on Wednesday to protest anti-piracy legislation under consideration in the U.S. Congress, this is what the founder Jimmy Wales said. Wales announced the move on Twitter Monday. The popular online community-sourced information site will shut down its English versions for 24 hours in protest of the [...]

In galaxy there are more planets than stars

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WASHINGTON – Astronomers now assume planets outnumber stars in our galaxy. And they’ve only begun to count. Using powerful telescopes and a better understanding of different solar systems scientists are finding new places to look for life beyond Earth. Three studies released Wednesday shed new light on the diversity of planetary systems. One of the [...]

You can talk to TVs, without sounding insane

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LAS VEGAS – Talking to the TV is usually sign of extreme agitation, mental instability or loneliness. LG Electronics is set to make it a more rational and normal behavior this year, with a range of TVs that reply to your questions. LG will sell a remote with its high-end flat-panel TVs that contains a [...]

Uncertainty in Europe over faulty breast implants

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LONDON – European health authorities issued widely different recommendations Friday in dealing with potentially faulty French-made breast implants, with Germany and the Czech Republic following France in recommending their removal, while Britain insisted there isn’t enough evidence to suggest they should be taken out in all cases. Germany’s Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices [...]

NASA OKs launch of private space station trip

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CAPE CANAVERAL, Florida – A private U.S. company will attempt the first-ever commercial cargo run to the International Space Station next year. NASA announced the news Friday, one year and one day after Space Exploration Technologies Corp., or SpaceX, became the first private business to launch a capsule into orbit and return it safely to [...]

Turn your brown eyes into blue eyes in just 20 seconds

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LAGUNA BEACH – Ever thought about permanently changing your eye color from brown to blue? According to a doctor, Gregg Homer,  in the United States, there may soon be a cosmetic procedure available for just such a purpose.

Scientists found Black Death genetic code

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WASHINGTON – Scientists have cracked the genetic code of the Black Death, one of history’s worst plagues, and found that its modern day bacterial descendants have not changed much over 600 years. Luckily, we have. The evolution of society and medicine, and our own bodies, has far outpaced the evolution of that deadly bacterium, scientists [...]