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Obesity has become ‘sixth most important risk factor for death’, study reveals

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A new study published in the journal The Lancet revealed that deaths linked to malnutrition were less than a million in 2010 and the global life expectancy has increased by five years since 1990. The life expectancy of a baby boy born in 2010 is 67.5 years while a baby girl born in the same year will live [...]

Child CT scans might increase brain cancer risk

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LONDON – It has been reported that Children who get several CT scans have a slightly higher chance of brain cancer and leukemia in later life, though the risk is still small and probably outweighed by the need to get the test, researchers reported. The use of CT scans has risen rapidly since they were [...]

International creditors warn Greece is still a risk

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BERLIN – Greece’s international creditors see “significant risks” that the country might fail to bring down its debt burden within targets, meaning it would require more rescue loans. In a document seen by The Associated Press on Tuesday, they say Greece’s program of austerity measures and structural reforms “could be accident prone.” “Authorities may not [...]

Heart attack in women more risk of death

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NEW YORK – Researches found out that heart attacks in women have different sumptoms and they have a much higher risk of death. For example in women unlike men there is no chest discomfort at all. Researchers analyzed data to find out if age also influenced the differences between men and women, the results were [...]

Sex is not risky for heart patients

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CHICAGO – It turned out that sex is not risky for heart patient. If you’re healthy enough to walk up two flights of stairs without chest pain or gasping for breath, you can have a love life. That advice from a leading doctors’ group on Thursday addresses one of the most pressing, least discussed issues [...]

World markets rise amid Greek default risk

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BANGKOK – World markets rose Thursday as investors grew more comfortable with riskier assets such as stocks after a pledge by the IMF to help stave off a financial crisis and as hopes rose for an agreement on the restructuring of Greece’s debt. Benchmark oil rose above $101 per barrel while the dollar fell against [...]

ING continues risk reducing policies

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AMSTERDAM – ING Groep NV, the bailed-out Dutch bank and insurer, said Friday it sold a further 1.2 billion euros ($1.54 billion) worth of potentially-bad bonds issued by southern European nations, as it continues efforts to reduce the risk profile of its financial portfolio. The firm, which is due to split into two by next [...]

FDA to hold new vote on dubious birth control pill

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WASINGTON – On Thursday the Food and Drug Administration was told to hold a new vote about the blood clot risks a birth control pill is accused of. Reuters reports that ties between the agency and the pillmakers were shown in the report that the watchdog group brought forward. In December the FDA asked experts [...]

France recommends removal of risky breast implants

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PARIS – Tens of thousands of women with risky, French-made breast implants should have them removed at the state’s expense, the health minister recommended Friday, adding that such removals were “preventive” and not urgent. While implants made by Poly Implant Prothese, or PIP, have not been linked to an increased incidence of cancer, the risk [...]

Philippine chief judge warns of dictatorship

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MANILA, Philippines – The chief justice of the Philippine Supreme Court says that President Benigno Aquino III’s moves to oust him could lead to a dictatorship and vowed to defend himself in an impeachment trial. It was Chief Justice Renato Corona’s most scathing public statement against Aquino after he was impeached for alleged corruption and [...]

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