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FOX Sports Wisconsin’s Sophia Minnaert is hit by a errant ball but continues her report (VIDEO)

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Fox Sports Wisconsin’s Sophia Minnaert is hit by a errant ball but despite it all continues her report Watch Sophia Minnart acting like a pro below:

WATCH: 12-year-old sends Hello Kitty doll into space for school science project

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A 12-year-old school student who wanted to impress her class ended up filming a school science report that has gone viral. Lauren Rojas from California showed her class as well more than 300,000 viewers on YouTube the effect elevation has on both pressure and temperature by sending a Hello Kitty doll into space. The girl’s makeshift [...]

Millions of North Korean children show signs of stunting claims UN report

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PYONGYANG, North Korea – Malnourishment and a lack of food and health care is hampering the mental and physical development of millions of North Korean children. A United Nations reports published Tuesday claims that nearly a third of children under 5 show signs of stunting, particularly in rural areas. Hospitals are spotless but bare; few [...]

Forecast of Europe airline losses doubles

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BEIJING – The global aviation trade group nearly doubled its forecast of European airlines’ losses this year to $1.1 billion and said Monday the worldwide industry will scrape by with wafer thin profit margins due to high fuel prices. U.S. and Asian carriers should make money this year, but more airlines in Europe might follow [...]

Enviroment is in a critical condition, UN reports

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RIO DE JANEIRO – It has been reported that the earth’s environmental systems “are being pushed towards their biophysical limits,” beyond which loom sudden, irreversible and potentially catastrophic changes, the United Nations Environment Program warned Wednesday. In a 525-page report on the health of the planet, the agency paints a grim picture: The melting of [...]

US economy gets weaker and weaker over jobs report

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WASHINGTON – It has been reported that the U.S. economy is looking slightly weaker one day before a critical report on May job growth. Economic growth was a little slower in the first three months of the year than first estimated, largely because governments and consumers spent less and businesses restocked their supplies more slowly. [...]

Report shows how US Congress dwarfs deficit

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A report published by USA Today has revealed that the US government deficit would need an extra $22.2 trillion to pay benefits to current workers and retirees. The analysis drew on standard accounting rules and it also found that the government ran losses four times the figures it released. The analysis was carried out following [...]

Indian Ocean Tsunami watch is cancelled

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JAKARTA, Indonesia – The Tsunami Warning Centre watch has cancelled the Indian Ocean tsunami watch. The centre shows sea level readings confirming that “the threat has diminished or is over for most areas,” it has been reported. The 8.6- and 8.2-magnitude earthquakes triggered panic Wednesday afternoon. Residents in coastal cities fled to high ground in [...]

Dollar drops following US jobs report

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NEW YORK – It has been reported that the dollar is falling against most major currencies after a weak U.S. jobs report. The Labor Department says the U.S. economy added 120,000 jobs in March, down from more than 200,000 in each of the previous three months. Economists expected 210,000 jobs to be added last month. [...]

Daimler expected to report steady earnings

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BERLIN – Daimler AG is reaffirming its forecast that earnings will be steady this year even though its core Mercedes-Benz Cars unit saw deliveries rise in the first quarter. Daimler said ahead of its annual general meeting on Wednesday that Mercedes-Benz Cars sold more than 340,000 vehicles in the January-March period, a 12 percent increase [...]

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