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Ultra-religious mother kills daughter with pages ‘torn from the Bible’

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A six-week-old baby was killed by her ultra-religious mother Julia Livemore, 41, after she had her mouth filled with pages torn from the Bible, reports The Daily Mail. The baby whose name was Faith was born in a family of religious fanatics NHS staff had paid visit to one hour before the murder was committed. [...]

Pope Benedict XVI asks for support over Vatican scandal

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VATICAN CITY – On Monday, pope Benedict XVI urged his aides to remain loyal to him as the Vatican copes with the fallout of a growing scandal over leaked documents and the controversial ouster of the Vatican bank chief. Benedict gave a pep talk of sorts to a group of prelates preparing to serve the [...]

Muslims take revenge for Quran burning

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CAIRO – A revenge is needed. It has been reported that Al-Qaida’s leader has urged Muslims to take revenge for the February burning of Quran Muslim holy books at a U.S. air base in Afghanistan. Ayman al-Zawahri posted an audio on a militant website on Wednesday. He called on Muslims to avenge the burning by [...]

Hugo Chavez became religious during cancer struggle

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CARACAS, Venezuela – It has been reported that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has spent much of his career praising the socialist ideas of famed atheists such as Karl Marx and Fidel Castro. Now in the thick of a prolonged battle against cancer, however, the leftist leader is drawing inspiration from a spiritual leader: Jesus Christ. [...]

Religious sites and Porn sites: both risky for web users?

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NEW YORK – According to security software firm Symantec, religious and ideological websites could represent a risk as adult and pornographic websites. Symantec’s annual “Internet Security Threat Report” studied amounts of data gathered through its products, services and intelligence network. Symantec’s analysis reports that religious sites had more than triple the average number of threats [...]

Christians in Holy Land praying on Easter Saturday

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JERUSALEM – It has been reported that thousands of Christians gathered near Jerusalem’s Church of the Holy Sepulcher for Easter Saturday and marched in processions brimming with tradition, taking turns to pray in the site where they believe Jesus was slain and buried. Easter Saturday is a day of reflection and waiting for many Christians, [...]

Pope started Good Friday service with prayer

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VATICAN CITY – It has been reported that Pope Benedict XVI has begun a Good Friday service at the Vatican by kneeling in silent prayer. Benedict rested his folded hands on a red cushion near the central altar of St. Peter’s Basilica as he prayed during the solemn commemoration of Jesus’ death by crucifixion. Hours [...]

Northern Ireland city of Londonderry hit by 2 bombs

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DUBLIN – It has been reported that two bombs have detonated in the Northern Ireland city of Londonderry, but nobody has been reported injured because of telephoned warnings from IRA dissidents. Police say they evacuated local homes and businesses before Thursday night’s twin blasts in Northern Ireland’s second-largest city. They can’t immediately confirm the extent [...]

Jefferson Bethke on Youtube: “I hate religion, but love Jesus”

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NEW YORK – Jefferson Bethke posted a video on Youtube explaining his views on religion. For him “Jesus and religion are on opposite spectrums,” when people don’t practice what they preach. “Now let me clarify: I love the church; I love the Bible, and, yes, I believe in sin. But if Jesus came to your [...]

Czech government divided on religious restitution

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PRAGUE – The Czech Republic’s coalition government may crumble over a junior party’s rejection of a plan to compensate religious organizations for property seized by the former Communist regime. Two conservative coalition members, the Civic Democrats of the prime minister and the TOP 09 party, told the junior Public Affairs party Monday that its “no” [...]

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