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World’s fastest clapper (802 claps in just 1 minute)

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Watch the world’s fastest clapper, Bryan Bednarek, who managed to beat the current record of 721 claps in 1 minute. Check out the video below:

Introducing the world’s fastest toilet (VIDEO)

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Colin Furze, a plumber, managed to invent the world’s fastest toilet Colin Furze worked for a while on his project to build the world’s fastest toilet to break the Guinness World Record. The toilet features an automatic flush, 140 cc engine, 4 gears and a toilet roll holder exhaust. Colin Fuerze is looking to break [...]

The longest monobrow in the world (VIDEO)

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This man must have the logest monobrow in the world. The man is a patient who is being cured by Dr.Vikram Yadav in India. Check out his monobrow below:

Introducing Ralph: The World’s biggest Rabbit (PHOTOS/VIDEO)

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LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM -  Ralph is the world’s biggest rabbit. The giant rabbit reclaimed his record. Ralph is four years old and held the record until last year when another rabbit called Darius stole his title because of its weight. Now Ralph has gained weight and he wants his title back with his weight that [...]

WATCH Couples trying to beat world’s longest kiss record

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NEW YORK – Couples gathered in Thailand to try to beat the world’s longest kiss record. Nine couples entered the competitions at a beach resort of Pattaya. ‘We have been married for fifty years. We want to see if we can do it. I’m not sure if we’ll win because of our age but if [...]

WATCH: Kobeyashi eating a whole Pizza

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NEW YORK  – Watch Kobeyashi, champion of speed eating, eating a whole pizza in just one minute. Be amazed at his deed, check out the video:  

WATCH students breaking bubble wrap popping record

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ATLANTIC CITY, UNITED STATES – Watch these students breaking the bubble wrap popping record at the Hawthorn High School in New Jersey. The students popped 8,000 square ft of the wrap in 2 minutes. Watch the video:  

WATCH Lionel Messi breaks Gerd Müller’s calendar goal record

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Barcelona forward Lionel Messi broke another record in his side’s 2-1 win over Real Betis on Sunday night. Messi, 25, scored the two goals that lifted him over German striker Gerd Müller’s calendar goal record that was set in 1972. Last night’s two goals set the Argentinian striker’s 2012 tally at 86. “I always say the [...]

Record breaking Christmas tree put up in Rio de Janeiro

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RIO DE JANEIRO – A record breaking floating Christmas tree has been lit in Rio de Janeiro. The tree weighed 542 tonnes and it was 85 metres long and it was set up in the Rodrigo de Freitas lagoon. The tree was decorated with 3.1 million lights and some fictional characters like Dorothy from the [...]

PHOTOS: US casino cooked world’s largest cheeseburger 10ft

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NEW YORK – A casino in the US cooked the world’s largest cheeseburger (10ft) and it broke the world record. The massive cheeseburger weighed over a tonne and its diameter measured 10ft, it was cooked by Black Bear Casino Resort in Minnesota. Among the other ingredients included in the tasty cheeseburger: 60lb of bacon, 50lb [...]

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