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A bear in Cape Cod, a rare thing indeed..

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PROVINCETOWN, Massachusetts – Surely it is something extremely rare to spot a bear in Cape Cod. The biggest sensation on Cape Cod right now isn’t the lobster, the lighthouses or the sand dunes. It’s not even a Kennedy. It’s a bear. A bruin believed to have swum about 500 feet (152 meters) across the Cape [...]

Black couple has white baby, husband gets angry but then finds out it’s his real baby

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PALERMO, ITALY – Chaos in the hospital, a Nigerian woman, married to a Nigerian man gave birth to a fair skin tone baby with blond hair and blue eyes. The father could not believe and did not trust his wife and he got very angry with the woman. Later on doctors explained that there are [...]

Once rare butterfly thrives will reproduce again thanks to global warming

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WASHINGTON – It has been reported that Global warming is rescuing the once-rare brown Argus butterfly, scientists say. Man-made climate is threatening the existence of many species, such as the giant polar bear. But in the case of the small drab British butterfly, it took a species in trouble and made it thrive. It’s all [...]

Dean is 20 but looks 160 years old

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LONDON – The one of Dean Andrews is a weird story, he is 20 but looks 100 years old. Dean suffers from a rare illness called progeria, this means that his body ages 8 times quicker than normal. He is one of the 4 people who suffer from progeria in the UK, and he is [...]

Debut of 15-year-old Mozart ?

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NEW YORK – A new Mozart ?. With all the reckless disregard of youth for practicality, the 15-year-old Mozart filled his opera “Il sogno di Scipione” with one impossibly difficult aria after another. High Cs, Ds and even Es cascade from the pages of this one-act work as if they were the easiest notes in [...]

Rare beluga whale will give birth

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ATLANTA – They all cannot wait to see those cute little whales. It has been reported that the world’s largest aquarium is expecting the pitter patter of giant fins. The Georgia Aquarium has a rare beluga whale pregnancy, the first mammal to conceive at the downtown Atlanta attraction since it opened in 2005. And the [...]

Boy dies up to 5 times in a year

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LONDON – This is the incredible story of Aaron Sweeney, a 3 year-old British boy who dies up to 5 times a year, because of a rare heart condition. His heart can stop for 7 minutes every time he suffers a collapse. If he is still alive it is thanks to his mother, Jolaine Clark, [...]

Dog keeps girl alive

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NEW YORK РA 3 year-old American girl, Alida Knoblock,  is struggling to breathe because of a rare illness who forces her to use a gas tank, which is too heavy for her to carry, hence she uses a dog to carry it around, She was diagnosed with the illness when she was 8 months old, [...]

US Navy against rare whale defenders

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BRUNSWICK, Georgia – It has been reported that Environmentalists asked a U.S. judge Thursday to decide whether the Navy must halt plans to build a $100 million offshore training range because of potential threats to endangered right whales. The Navy wants to install an undersea array of cables and sensors for training warships, submarines and [...]

Kid turns orange when eating carrots

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LONDON – The three-year-old Leo Barnett cannot eat carrots any longer, because otherwise he turns orange. This is caused by a medical condition which is called hyper-beta carotenemia, and most likely he is the only person in Great Britain who has it. He needs to stick to a strict diet because he cannot digest carotene. [...]