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Syria: Rebels behead catholic priest in Gassanieh

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DAMASCUS, Syria - A Catholic group posted a hideous video showing Syrian rebels beheading three monks. The video was uploaded on Monday. It allegedly shows the murderers chopping off the head of Franciscan Father Francois Murad whose death was confirmed by the Vatican last week. According to the Daily Mail, the Catholic monk was killed in [...]

Charles Richard Jennings Jr. arrested after shooting father-in-law during mass

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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Charles Richard Jennings Jr. is in custody after shooting a priest, who is also his father-in-law, in the head on Sunday. The priest was shot in the back of the head as he was beginning to administer the comunion. The suspect then fled the church – St. James Catholic Church in [...]

Spanish Priest Caught Performing Sex Act On Man Is Dismissed (Video)

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A Catholic priest in Spain was caught on film in an amorous embrace with a male friend. Father Francisco Javier Ruiz was dismissed from his position as a priest in the city of Murcia after a cyclist filmed a 29-second clip that showed him performing oral sex on another man. Alejandro Mejias was reportedly biking [...]

Jewish Priest Wraps Himself In Plastic During Flight (Photo)

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A photo of a man wrapped in plastic in a plane has gone viral on Reddit. The snap was uploaded on Thursday and the man is thought to be a Kohein, a Jewish priest that descends from Aaron the Levite, the older brother of Moses. Such priests are prohibited from “coming into contact with the dead” [...]

WATCH Priest spraying congregation with holy water gun

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LONDON – Watch this priest spraying congregation with holy water gun. Father Humberto Alvarez has a different approach. Not only he prays the congregation with a holy water gun but also wears a robe that features images of Superman, Spiderman and Batman. Enjoy father Humberto Alvarez spraying the congregation: SOURCE: metro.co.uk

US priest trial close to an end

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PHILADELPHIA – It has been reported that in opening statements in March, a prosecutor called the alleged cover-up of sexual assaults by priests on children a battle between right and wrong within the Philadelphia archdiocese. But hundreds of church documents aired at trial suggest there was little internal debate among Cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua and his [...]

Vatican to investigate alleged sexual abuse of Legion of Christ priests

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VATICAN CITY (AP) – The Vatican is investigating seven priests from the troubled Legion of Christ religious order for alleged sexual abuse of minors and another two for other alleged crimes, The Associated Press has learned. The investigations mark the first known Vatican action against Legion priests for alleged sexual assault following the scandal of [...]

Pedophile priest kept his job

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PHILADELPHIA – A priest labeled as pedophile kept his job. It has been reported that Jurors in a landmark U.S. clergy-abuse trial heard Tuesday about a priest who was left in ministry for years after therapists called him a manipulative pedophile and a ticking time bomb. The evidence was presented by prosecutors in the child-endangerment [...]

Priest displays porn images by mistake at school talk

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NEW YORK – New scandal for Catholic Church of Northern Ireland where a priest has shown to some parents at a school talk porn images by mistake. It happened in a primary school St. Mary’s. The priest, Martin McVeigh, claims he does not know how the porn material ended up on his USB key. The [...]

13 year-old 'trapped' at rectory with abuser

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PHILADELPHIA – It has been reported that a witness in a landmark priest-abuse trial in Philadelphia described feeling “helpless and trapped” as a 13-year-old, because her priest was fondling her when she worked weekends at the rectory. The woman says she didn’t tell anyone for years, and later learned the same priest had fondled her [...]

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