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WATCH Obama wins presidential debate with ‘horses and bayonets’

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In the third presidential debate ahead of the presidential elections, President Barack Obama spoke a series of zingers that pictured his Mitt Romney’s foreign policy as ‘dated, reports the LATimes. Mitt Romney repeteadly accused Mr Obama of underestimating the Navy’s role but hit back with the debate’s best zinger. Obama said: “You mention the Navy, [...]

Kenya minister dies in helicopter crash

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NAIROBI, Kenya – Kenya’s Internal Security Minister has died in a helicopter crash on the outskirts of Nairobi. George Saitoti who once served as Kenya’s vice president, was an American-trained economist and mathematician who last year announced he would seek the Kenyan presidency in 2013. An Associated Press reporter saw the victims’ charred remains that [...]

Romney beats Obama in fundraising in May

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WASHINGTON – Mitt Romney and the Republican Party surged ahead of President Barack Obama in fundraising for the first time, a key development at a time when many liberals among the Democrats have become frustrated with the president. Romney and his party raised more than $76 million in May, the campaign said Thursday, while Obama’s [...]

Mitt Romney set to increase GOP lead in Illinois

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SPRINGFIELD, Illinois – Following his resounding win in the Puerto Rico primary Mitt Romney is looking to increase his lead over chief rival Rick Santorum in the state of Illinois Tuesday. The top Republican contenders crisscrossed the state Monday as they competed for the 54 delegates at stake and get closer to the Republicans’ choice to challenge [...]

Romney wants to win 2 more states

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ST. CHARLES, Missouri – It has been reported that republican front-runner Mitt Romney looked to extend his winning streak in the race for the presidential nomination on Tuesday, as caucuses were held in Minnesota and Colorado. Romney’s main rival, former House of Representatives Speaker Newt Gingrich, mounted no significant campaign in either state, looking ahead [...]

Romney in Florida, attention on Obama

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MIAMI – Mitt Romney is currently in Florida for the Florida Republican primary campaign with the confidence of a resurgent front-runner, predicting he’ll win in Tuesday’s voting while looking ahead to future contests. His main rival Newt Gingrich hustled around the state, trying to rekindle the energy that lifted him to victory in the South [...]

Romney reveals personal income tax rate

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MYRTLE BEACH, South Carolina – Under pressure to disclose his U.S. tax payments, former Massachusetts governor and front-running presidential candidate Mitt Romney Tuesday argued that he pays a lower tax rate than many Americans. Romney did not reveal his tax returns but said he would give voters the opportunity “to examine his latest tax documents [...]

Taiwan: Tsai Ing wen resigns after defeat

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TAIPEI, Taiwan – Taiwan’s main opposition party says it has accepted its chairwoman’s resignation following her defeat in weekend presidential elections. The Democratic Progressive Party approved Tsai Ing-wen’s resignation at a Monday meeting. Tsai will stay on until the end of February while her successor is selected. President Ma Ying-jeou was re-elected Saturday, overcoming a [...]

Congo president swears in for another term

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KINSHASA, Congo – Congo’s president has been sworn in for another term after an election contested by the country’s main opposition candidate. President Joseph Kabila’s inauguration went ahead Tuesday after the country’s supreme court upheld his victory. Opposition leader Etienne Tshisekedi, who finished second in official results, has declared himself president and says he will [...]

Moldova: separatist leader calls for new presidential ballot

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CHISINAU, Moldova – The leader of Moldova’s separatist region of Trans-Dniester has called for the cancellation of a presidential ballot, citing irregularities. President Igor Smirnov, who led the pro-Moscow Trans-Dniester for 20 years, faced five candidates in Sunday’s ballot. The separatists’ official news agency Olvia press says Monday the election committee will meet on Dec. [...]

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