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Health care law hurts Obama

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WASHINGTON – ‘Obamacare’ may tunr out to be a harmful political move in Barack Obama’s second bid as President of the United States. A USA TODAY/ Gallup Poll carried out in the country’s ‘top battleground states’ shows that many voters call the bill a bad thing and is strengthening the Republican party that supports its [...]

Three new polls show Santorum is Romney’s new contender

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BOISE, Idaho -The latest Republican presidential contender to surge in polls, Rick Santorum is trying to turn his newfound strength into something lasting that will establish him as the conservative challenger to Mitt Romney. But things don’t look so strong for the former Pennsylvania senator just beneath the surface. Three new polls show Santorum, coming [...]

Romney cops South Carolina flack

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MYRTLE BEACH, South Carolina – Mitt Romney’s Republican rivals attacked his record as the head of a private equity firm in the first of two debates before a pivotal weekend primary in South Carolina, where a Romney victory could seal his lock on the Republican nomination to challenge President Barack Obama in the November general [...]

Angela Merkel still backed by most Germans

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BERLIN – A narrow majority of Germans believe the country’s embattled president should keep his job, according to two new polls, and Chancellor Angela Merkel signaled Friday that she still backs the man she helped install. President Christian Wulff, Merkel’s candidate for the largely ceremonial job in 2010, is under intense pressure over a private [...]

Registration starts for Iran's parliamentary poll

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TEHRAN, Iran – Iran has started registering potential candidates for the March parliamentary elections but the country’s reformists are staying out of the race. Major reformist parties have said they won’t field any candidates because basic requirements for a free and fair elections have not been met. In their absence, the vote for the 290-seat [...]

Poll shows Obama re-election bid threatened

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WASHINGTON – Most Americans say President Barack Obama deserves to be voted out of office even though they have concerns about the Republican alternatives, a new Associated Press-GFK poll suggests. The poll indicates Obama could be in jeopardy of losing a re-election bid in November 2012, even as the survey showed that the U.S. public’s [...]

Poll: Republicans less happy with candidates

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WASHINGTON – Republicans are growing significantly less satisfied with the field of candidates to challenge President Barack Obama next year, and they are about evenly split in their support for Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich, a new Associated Press-GfK poll finds. Despite Obama’s low approval ratings and deep vulnerability over his handling of the U.S. [...]

Japan: premier Noda losing nationwide support

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TOKYO – A new nationwide poll shows that support for Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda and his Cabinet has fallen 2.5 percentage points over the last month. Public approval stood at 44.6 percent in the Kyodo News agency poll released Sunday. The administration’s disapproval rating rose 6 points, to 40.3 percent. Noda’s numbers have steadily [...]

Latest sexual allegation tests Cain campaign

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ATLANTA – Republican candidate Herman Cain declared “Here we go again” as he faced the latest crisis in his presidential campaign: an accusation of a 13-year extramarital affair with an Atlanta businesswoman. On Monday, Ginger White said in an TV interview with Fox 5 Atlanta that her affair with Cain ended not long before the [...]

Poll shows Fox News viewers watch no news

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NEW YORK – A new poll from Fairleigh Dickinson University claims that Fox News viewers are not so up to date with what’s going on in the world. As The Huffington Post reports, the poll surveyed demographic factors, education and partisanship. The study found that people who watch Fox News “are 18-point less likely to [...]

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