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Man is hit in the face with a hammer at a train station in Poland (VIDEO)

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A man got hit in the face by a random stranger with a hammer at a train station in Katowice,Poland The Egyptian man who got hit has a severely broken nose. Check out the video below:

Boyfriend caught stealing roses for his girlfriend during live news report

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Andrzej Czapka stole a bunch of roses for his girlfriend while they were broadcasting a news report Andrzej Czapka broke up with his girlfriend and decided to get her some roses. So he thought it would have been a great idea to steal the roses from his local florist. Unfortunately he did not notice that [...]

Polish man steals roses in front of Live News Camera to win back ex-girlfriend (Video)

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WARSAW, Poland - A man trying to win back his ex-girlfriend decided it would be a good idea to show up at her house’s front door with a bunch of roses he stole from a local flower store. The one thing he didn’t take into account, though, was that he stole the bouquet of roses in [...]

Polish baby born 13 times drink drive limit

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A newborn is in critical condition after the mother delivered the baby with a level of 4.5 grams of alcohol in her blood.  The 24-year-old mother went into labor and taken to the hospital in the city of Tomaszow Mazowiecki according to a document filed with the local police. The baby was delivered alive but [...]

Polish rapper sets self on fire on Live TV (Video)

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Zurom, a Polish rapper, set himself on fire with a lighter during a live TV show to protest against Poland’s judiciary system. Andrew Zuromski, which is the rapper’s real name, is accused of drug trafficking. People in the studio quickly put out the fire. YouTube

WATCH extreme open water swimming

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NEW YORK – Following watch the video of the extreme open water swimming that took place in Poland. Winter swimming has become an official sports and many people looked forward to the opening.  

PHOTO Police chase Polish naked cyclist

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NEW YORK – A Polish cyclist got fined a total of £200 for speeding and indecent exposure. Police spotted the cyclist after he set off a speed camera in northern Poland so they decided to chase him. Police officers were shocked when they realized the cyclist was naked and he was only wearing a pair [...]

World’s thinnest house built in Poland

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WARSAW, POLAND – The world’s thinnest house has been built in Warsaw, Poland and it was opened to public last Sunday. It measures 5 feet at its widest point and it fits in between a pre-WW2 house and a modern apartament. This is what Jakub Szczesny, the architect who projected it,  said: ‘It contains all [...]

Woman injects oil in her boobs to make them bigger, now her life is at risk

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LONDON – A woman, who could not afford to undergo breast surgery to enlarge her boobs, is now risking to die after having injected olive oil in her breasts. Gabriela Majewska is a 30 year-old Polish woman who has been found lying on the floor in agony and taken to the hospital for an emergency [...]

Nazis’ secrets revealed,new discovery at Poland concentration camp

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WARSAW, POLAND – A new excavation has been carried out at Poland’s Sobibor concentration camp, and some secrets nazis had been trying to hide have been revealed. We thought we knew everything about the Holocaust and how many people approximately died, but there is a lot more to know about it. Sobibor extermination camp is [...]

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