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WATCH James Franco awkward speech for Obama’s inauguration

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WASHINGTON – Watch James Franco reading the poem he wrote for Obama’s inauguration. The speech is quite weird, enjoy!  

2012 US Presidential Election to go down to the wire but Romney has victory speech ready

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WASHINGTON – US Voters are now deciding who is going to be the next US President. At the moment there is a slight  advantage for Barack Obama over Mitt Romney. Romney won the state of West Virginia, Georgia, Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska and Alabama and he is very likely to win [...]

WATCH “Will The Real Mitt Romney Please Stand Up” (feat. Eminem)

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NEW YORK – Mitt Romney raps to Eminem’s  famous song “The Real Slim Shady”. The video went viral on Youtube and even merchandise is available such as: T-shirts with written “My Dog is on the roof” or ” I love Lakes” and much more. Here you can purchase your anti-Romney t-shirt: http://hmatkin.spreadshirt.com/ Enjoy Mitt Romney [...]

Beyoncé’s letter to President Obama

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NEW YORK – Beyoncé Knowles wrote a thank you note to President Barack Obama on election day. Both Beyoncé and her husband Jay Z have always been Obama’s supporters. Jay Z also performed his song 99 problems for the campaign rally in Ohio adapting the song to “I got 99 problems but Mitt ain’t one”. [...]

Political Kombat: Obama VS Romney: who will win?

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NEW YORK, UNITED STATES – An in-depth analysis of the political landscape in pre-election in America. A satyrical look at the intense cam by the Republicans and Democrats on the final day of campaigning before Election Day.

Hurricane Sandy forced coffins to rise from the ground, death toll over 61

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NEW YORK - Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast causing over 61 deaths in USA, 26 of them in New York. President Barack Obama expressed his concern, declaring a “major disaster”. At one cemetery in Crisfield in Maryland two coffins rose from the ground due to swelled ground caused by the force of Hurricane Sandy.  As of now over 8.2 million [...]

The long awaited Donald Trump’s announcement: 5m to charities for Obama’s records in return

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NEW YORK – Donald Trump promised to give a $5m cheque to a charity of Barack Obama‘s choice within one hour if the President releases his passport and college records. The deal will be sealed only if Obama agrees to release his passport applications and records by 31st October. Donald Trump claims it’s about time [...]

President on the bus: Obama will make his first campaign bus trip


WASHINGTON – The Associated Press reports that US President Barack Obama will make his first campaign bus trip. Obama’s two-day road trip through Pennsylvania and Ohio, two key battleground states in the November election, kicks off July 5, a campaign official said. It will be the president’s first bus tour of the 2012 campaign. The [...]

Obama addresses Latino leaders after Romney

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WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama is basking in the aftermath of his directive on illegal immigration and pressing his jobs agenda before a meeting of Hispanic leaders Friday, a day after they gave a cool reception to Republican presidential challenger Mitt Romney and his newly softened stance on immigration. The president was to speak to [...]

New Obama policy will spare some from deportation

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WASHINGTON – It has been reported that President Barack Obama says his plan to stop deporting younger illegal immigrants who came to the U.S. as children will make the system “more fair, more efficient and more just.” The president says it “makes no sense to expel talented young people” who are essentially Americans. He says [...]

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