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Woman mistakes sore cold cream for super glue and glues her lips together

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A woman woke up in the middle of the night looking for some sore cold cream, but ended up picking the wrong thing and choosing super glue instead The 64-year-old woman called the police, who thought she was held as a hostage somewhere because of her grunts. Eventually they rescued her. This is what the [...]

The Queen photobombs BBC news while broadcasting (VIDEO)

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The Queen photobombed BBC news while they were broadcasting on TV The two news anchors were very surprised as they saw the Queen behind their backs. This is what the Queen said about her visit: “It is a great pleasure to visit the BBC today, and to see it in its new home. I remember first [...]

Woman scares bear away with zucchini

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HELENA, UNITED STATES – A woman in Montana managed to scare a bear away using a large piece of zucchini. The bear was trying to break into the woman’s house, but she managed to scare it away by using a large piece of zucchini from her garden, also her dog helped her by fighting the [...]

WATCH: The importance of getting bread and milk before a snow storm

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NEW YORK – A snow storm is threatening the Northeast and photos of empty shelves are circulating on Twitter. Among the tweets regarding the snow storm on Twitter: “What is the deal with bread milk and eggs before a snow storm? I guess folks like to eat french toast during a blizzard?” Watch this sarcastic [...]

WATCH Best January news bloopers

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NEW YORK – Check out the latest and best January news bloopers, you surely will have a laugh. Enjoy the video below:

WATCH Porn movie played behind the back of Macedonian news presenter

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Check out this video where a porn movie is shown behind the back of a news presenter for Macedonia’s Alfa TV.  YouTube  

WATCH Kate Middleton victim of the Taiwanese animated news

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LONDON – Watch Kate Middleton victim of the Taiwanese animated news. Kate and William announcement is reported in a quite unusual and surreal way. Enjoy!

Hotel worker performs sex act on a couch in the street

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NEW YORK – An American worker has been arrested after having been caught while performing a sex act on a yellow couch in the street. His name is Gerard Streator, and it happened in Waukesha, Wisconsin, the man has been caught while “thusting” on the abandoned sofa. This is what the police file reads: “At [...]

Man thought he was fat, but he actually had a 22 kg tumour

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LONDON – The 53 year-old Jeff Bennett could not figure out how he suddenly got so fat, and did not manage to lose weight at all despite being on diet for ages, he only lost weight in other parts of his body but not his belly. Bennett then found out that what he thought was [...]

Woman walks around the city centre and ran into marijuana field

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FRANKFURT, GERMANY – Nina, a German woman, ran into a marijuana field while walking in the centre of Landstrasse in Friedberger. Once she jumped off the tramp she realised a green spot in the city and led by the curiosity realised it was marijuana, the area was 30 metres x 3 metres. Nina said: ” [...]

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