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Banksy sells signed canvases anonymously in NYC for $60 (Video)

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NEW YORK – Street artist Banksy “set up a stall” in Central Park to sell anonymously some of his paintings for 60 dollars each on October 13. The spray artist put on sale dozens of canvases valued more than $1million. In five hours, from 11 a.m. to 18 p.m. only a few people stopped to [...]

Baby Hope’s name revealed by New York cops

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NEW YORK (UNITED STATES) - The name of Baby Hope was Angelica Ramirez.  The identity was unveiled 22 years after her dead body was found in New York. The NY Post writes that the young girl’s name was revealed by a cop. “She was really an angel“, a law-enforcement agent said to the Post. Angelica was aged between [...]

Store clerk chases armed robber out of store with machete (Video)

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A store clerk at a shop in Brooklyn fended off a man wielding a semi-automatic .22 caliber handgun with a machete last month. The robber pointed the gun and fired a shot that narrowly missed the clerk. The man then got hold of a machete he kept under the counter to force the robber out [...]

British tourist in New York has foot severed by uncontrolled taxi cab

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NEW YORK (UNITED STATES) – A British tourist visiting New York City lost her leg after being hit by an uncontrolled taxi cab near the Rockfeller Center. Sian Green, 23, was eating a hot dog with her female friend on Tuesday morning when the taxi cab rammed into her. As The Daily Mail reports, the young [...]

Dead shark found on New York subway (Photo)

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NEW YORK, United States - A dead shark was found by commuters in a New York City subway train on Wednesday. The carcass was under a row of seats of the Queens-bound N train when passengers alerted the train driver. The carriage was cleared of all passengers by an MTA official who then disposed of the 5 to [...]

Skeleton belonging to Joann Nichols found in NY home behind a false wall

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NEW YORK, United States - The skeleton belonging to a woman who went missing 28 years ago was found behind a false wall of a empty home. The remains of Joann Nichols, 55, were found inside a plastic bag inside a empty home in Pughskeepsie, New York. Dutchess County Medical Examinser Dr Kari Reiber told CNN: [...]

NYC Cab driver Orji-Ama Uro Killed with Metal Tip of Umbrella

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NEW YORK, United States – Orji-Ama Uro, a 54-year-old cab driver, was pronounced dead at Brookdale Hospital after a passneger stabbed him in the eye with an umbrella. Uro, a father-of-five, moved to the U.S. 10 years ago from Nigeria to pursue his American dream and build his own shore store. But a dispute with [...]

eBay Bidding for Giant NY Morgue Fridge Soars over $2,000 (PHOTO)

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NEW YORK, United States – A “used” but in “good condition” Morgue refridgerator is being auctioned on eBay. The item on sale is 8 feet tall and 6 feet wide and the bidding has soared over $2,000 since The New York Post reported on the auction. Whoever wins the auction will have to go to [...]

United Airlines Accused of Letting Man Masturbate in Front of 17-year-old Girl

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Monica Amestoy, an 18-year-old girl from L.A., has accused United Airlines of letting a male passenger sitting next to her pull his pants down and masturbate.  Amestoy was 17 when she boarded the United Airlines flight from New York to fly back to L.A. after a high school debate tournament, reports TMZ. According to the [...]

New Yorker sells his hair he never cut in his life on Craiglist for $600

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A New Yorker decided to sell his “100% virgin hair” that he never cut on Craiglist for $600 (£400) The man offers 27 inches of long black hair which has never been cut or dyed just for $600.The description on Craiglist is very detailed and the man starts by describing who he is and his [...]

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