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Tanorexic mother to move to Britain to continue tanning

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Patricia Krentcil is a mother of five children who has been dubbed America’s worst parent because of her tanning addiction. In an interview with British tabloid The Sun, Patricia, who has also been accused of passing on the addiction to her six-year-old daughter, plans to head to Britain after all the tanning salons in New [...]

WATCH students breaking bubble wrap popping record

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ATLANTIC CITY, UNITED STATES – Watch these students breaking the bubble wrap popping record at the Hawthorn High School in New Jersey. The students popped 8,000 square ft of the wrap in 2 minutes. Watch the video:  

New Jersey 10th US state to report fungal meningitis case

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NEW YORK – The fungal meningitis outbreak sparked by a steroid found in a medicine for back pains has reached the state of New Jersey. According to the Centers for Disease and Prevention the state is the 10th stae to have reported at least one illness linked to the The New England Compounding Center products sold [...]

VIDEO: New Jersey supermarket shooting kills three

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A shooting at a New Jersey supermarket early Friday morning has claimed the lives of at least three people, including the shooter, the NY Post reports. The shooter forced his way into a closed Pathmark grocery store around 4a.m. and opened fire. Employees were inside the store at the time of the shooting. No further [...]

Man jumps into vat acid to save coworker’s life

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A guy at the Swepco Tupe plant in New Jersey was saved by one of his coworkers after falling through the roof and diving 40 feet into a tank below filled with vat acid. The poisonous solution usually contains between 40 and 70 percent of nitric acid. The man who saved the falling worker jumped into [...]

Man’s car broke down got hit by another car and died

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BRICK TOWNSHIP, New Jersey – It has been reported that a U.S. man who was pushing his SUV after it broke down was hit by a passing vehicle, got up and was struck again and killed by a second vehicle. The Asbury Park Press newspaper reports that William Cassano was pushing his disabled SUV in [...]

Overly tanned mom arrested for taking daughter to tanning salon

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NEWARK, USA – A New Jersey mother is facing criminal charges accused of child endangerment, police say she put her young daughter in a tanning bed. Though Patricia Krentcil said it is all a big misunderstanding. Patricia Krentcil loves to tan, and even admitted to be addicted to it.  Though she said she would never [...]

House on fire: mayor of New Jersey rescued

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NEWARK, New Jersey – The house went on fire but the mayor of New Jersey’s largest city said Friday he thought he might die when he dashed through a burning, smoky kitchen to find and rescue a neighbor from her second-floor bedroom. “I felt fear. I really didn’t think we were going to get out [...]

Same sex marriages endorsed in eighth US state

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TRENTON, New Jersey – For the first time state lawmakers in New Jersey passed a bill to recognize same-sex marriages. Monday’s vote was 24-16 in favor of the bill, a major swing from January 2010, when the Senate rejected it 20-14. In 2006, the New Jersey’s Supreme Court ruled that the state had to give the [...]

New Jersey senate approves gay marriage bill

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TRENTON, New Jersey – It has been reported that New Jersey lawmakers gave their blessing to legalizing gay marriage for the first time Monday as the state Senate passed a bill that would allow nuptials for same-sex couples. Gov. Chris Christie has said he will veto such legislation. The Senate’s vote sends the bill to [...]

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