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WATCH: Golden Eagle vs. Jackrabbits

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NEW YORK – Watch this video in which a golden eagle in Scotland eyes some white mountain hares, check it out:

WATCH: Polar Bears Are Irish?

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DUBLIN, IRELAND – National Geographic Explorer Beth Shapiro describes the common ancestry of polar bears and brown bears.

Boomslang vs. Chameleon

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NEW YORK – Watch this National Geographic about boomslang vs Chameleon: ‘A boomslang is one of the most toxic snakes in Africa, and a chameleon’s camouflage is no match.’

WATCH Cheetahs vs Gemsbok

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NEW YORK – Watch two cheetahs finding an easy meal when they run into a gemsbok calf, but they will need to face the calf’s determined mother:

VIDEO: Spider Kills Bat

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NEW YORK – How can a spider kill a bat? It sounds crazy but real, as National Geographic reports: “Care to wager on who wins when it’s spider vs. bat? Before you place your bet, see what happens when a bat meets an orb spider in Belize.”  

VIDEO: Paper Wasp vs. Army Ant Horde

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NEW YORK – Watch this incredible video from National Geographic, as Youtube reads: “Between fending off army ants and drying waterlogged nests, paper wasps in Costa Rica have their work cut out for them.”

VIDEO. Baby Koala in the pouch

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SYDNEY – The Huffington Post reports this news and we post now the video According to National Geographic, a baby koala lives in the mother’s pouch for around six months after it’s born. After it ventures out into the world, he or she spends the next six months latched onto her belly or back. ZooBorns [...]

Alligator Water Dance

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NEW YORK – When you’re a male gator looking for a mate, you don’t need a dance floor to make all the right moves. The warm waters of the Everglades are perfect for a performance like no other.

Hippo Licks Crocodile

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NEW YORK – Although crocodiles are ferocious predators, they don’t mess with hippos. Here’s why.

Chimpazee is smarter than human

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NEW YORK – This video illustrates that our ape cousins far exceed us in short term memory recall skills. A chimp is shown memorizing numbers with remarkable accuracy at lightning speed. An amazing bit of footage from the National Geographic documentary “Human Ape”.