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Solar-powered airplane takes off on first transcontinetal flight

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GENEVA (AP) – An experimental solar-powered airplane took off from Switzerland on its first transcontinental flight Thursday, aiming to reach North Africa next week. Pilot Andre Borschberg planned to take the jumbo jet-size Solar Impulse plane on its first leg to Madrid, Spain, by Friday. His colleague Bertrand Piccard will take the helm of the [...]

Anti-police rap song: Moroccan rapper ended up in jail

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RABAT, Morocco – Moroccan police did not appreciate the anti-cops rap song, and sentenced the rapper to a year. It has been reported that a Moroccan court has convicted a rapper of attacking the image of the security services in a song about police corruption and sentenced him to a year in prison. Rapper Mouad [...]

Morocco needs reforms

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RABAT, Morocco – Morocco needs a new reform. It has been reported that more than half of Morocco’s judges have signed a petition calling for judicial reform by making prosecutors independent of the executive branch. The 1,800 members of Morocco’s judges’ club, a banned but tolerated association, signed a petition calling for the implementation of [...]

Moroccan rapper got charged due to anti-police song

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RABAT, Morocco – It has been reported that a Moroccan court denied bail on Wednesday to a rapper charged with attacking the image of the security services in a song about police corruption. Mouad Belghouat was arrested March 29 after Morocco’s National Security agency filed a suit against him, and he is now being tried [...]

Morocco: cafè bombers handed harsher sentences

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RABAT, Morocco - A Moroccan appeals court has handed down harsher sentences for the defendants convicted in the April 2011 bombing of a cafe in Marrakech that killed 17 people, mostly foreign tourists. The life sentence for Hakim Dah, a close associate of the attack’s ringleader, was swapped for the death penalty in Friday night’s ruling. [...]

Anti-king video, Moroccan student gets three years

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RABAT, Morocco – A Moroccan court has convicted a student of “violating the sacred values” of the kingdom and sentenced him to three years in prison for an online video he used to criticize the king, the state news agency reported Tuesday. Abdelsamad Haydour, 23, from the mountain town of Taza, 187 miles (300 kilometers) [...]

Morocco goalkeeper has malaria

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LIBREVILLE, Gabon – Morocco goalkeeper Issam Badda has malaria and has been taken to the hospital and received a blood transfusion at a hospital. Team doctor Hefti Abderrazak said Badda was released from the Libreville hospital following the transfusion. The reserve ‘keeper was recovering at the team hotel and still receiving treatment for Type 3 [...]

Moroccan who set self on fire dies

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RABAT, Morocco - The wife of an unemployed Moroccan who set himself on fire to protest his unemployment says her husband died from his burns in a Casablanca hospital. Abdelwahab Zaydoun together with four others doused himself with gasoline on Wednesday during a protest over unemployment in the capital Rabat and set himself on fire. He was [...]

Islamist-led government in Morocco

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RABAT, Morocco – Morocco gets new Islamist government. The Islamist Justice and Development Party, that won most of the votes in the November poll, took 11 of 31 cabinet posts, including foreign affairs, justice, and transportation and communication. The party has long been in the opposition and won the most votes in the election on [...]

Morocco’s Islamist movement leaves reform group

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RABAT, Morocco – A powerful Islamist organization in Morocco said it is suspending its support for the country’s pro-democracy movement, dealing a severe blow to the group that once put tens of thousands people on streets. The Islamist al-Adl wal-Ihsane (Justice and Charity) group said they were ending their role in the weekly protests that [...]

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