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Iran nuke mission, UN chief to be part of it

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TEHRAN, Iran – It has been reported that the head of the U.N nuclear watchdog, in Tehran on a key mission that could lead to the resumption of probes on whether Iran has secretly worked on a nuclear weapon, said Monday that he met with Iranian leaders amid a “good atmosphere.” The one-day visit by [...]

Syria clashes make peace mission harder

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BEIRUT – It has been reported that clashes and protests broke out across many parts of Syria Friday, further complicating a peace mission by U.N. envoy Kofi Annan who urged the government to lay down its weapons first to immediately end the country’s yearlong crisis. As angry protesters lamented inaction by Arab countries, U.S. Secretary [...]

Obama: US and UK committment in Afghan mission

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WASHINGTON – It has been reported that leaders of the United States and Britain outlined plans Wednesday to shift the NATO war effort in Afghanistan toward a back-seat advisory role while Afghan forces increasingly take the lead, but stressed that the two nations remain committed to the mission there. President Barack Obama gave his fullest [...]

Arab League to extend Syria mission

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CAIRO – The Arab League is likley to extend its Syria mission said two senior officals. The officials said Friday that the Legaue’s aim is “to keep the mission in place as the international community is not yet ready for ‘escalation’ to an intervention in Syria.” Qatar, a harsh critic of the Syrian crackdown on [...]

Arab League mission in Syria a farce warns former monitor

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BEIRUT – The Arab League observers in Syria came under fresh scrutiny Wednesday after a former monitor called the mission a “farce.” Arab League observers are inside the country to assess whether the government is abiding by its agreement to a plan to end the 10-month-old military crackdown on dissent. “The mission was a farce [...]

Cruise takes quiet Christmas with $26.5M 'Mission'

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LOS ANGELES – Tom Cruise’s latest mission has won a holiday weekend that’s shaping up with some silent nights at movie theaters as business continues to lag. Studio estimates Sunday place “Mission: Impossible ? Ghost Protocol” a solid No. 1 with $26.5 million domestically over its first weekend in full release. “Sherlock Holmes: A Game [...]

Immunity for troops talks stalls NATO mission in Iraq

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BAGHDAD – The issue of legal immunity for foreign troops in Iraq, which already torpedoed plans to keep a U.S. military presence in the country, has emerged as a key stumbling block in talks over the extension of a NATO training mission here. As with the U.S., Iraq is insisting that all troops in its [...]

Soldiers to retrace footsteps of Artic race pioneers

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LONDON – A group of six British soldiers will retrace the the footsteps of Roald Amundsen and Robert Scott in their trek to the South Pole, reports The Huffington Post. A century after the two men lead their two teams across a 920 mile ordeal, six soldiers will commemorate the event by splitting up in [...]

Astronauts to cook their way to Mars

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MIAMI – Men who will be sent on a mission to Mars will have to be food savvy and cater for their needs. In other words, be farmers and chefs as well as spacefarers. Dr Maya Cooper of Nasa’s Space Food Systems Laboratory said a five year mission would require almost 7,000lb of food per [...]

UK: Libya mission bill at $415 million

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LONDON-¬†Defense Secretary Liam Fox said Thursday that NATO’s air-led campaign in Libya is costing British taxpayers more than 40 million pounds ($64 million) a month.¬†Fox said the six-month operation is costing taxpayers more than 40 million pounds a month. He said that if the mission continues at the same rate, the military will need to [...]